General Musa hails Erdogen’s Kashmir settlement offer

Srinagar:  The President , Tehrik-i-Kashmir General Musa hailed the timely statement of Turkish President  Recep Tayyip Erdogen,  which he issued ahead of two days visit to India and termed the rejection of mediation by Government of India as unfortunate. General Musa said  that the  statement  of Turkish President , who is one of the important member of NATO as well as OIC  is loud, clear, visionary  and optimistic that without witnessing the further casualties of people of Kashmir  we can seek and find ways to settle the issue of Kashmir once for all.
Tehrik-i-Kashmir  believes in peaceful settlement and has always laid emphasis  before the  international community to come forward and bring both India and Pakistan on table and ask them to settle the dispute for ever within a time bound period, otherwise the third atomic world war is eminent in this sub-continent.
The Tehrik-i-Kashmir  termed the Government of India’s rigid attitude in response to the timely and sincere offer of mediation by Turkish president. Moosa added that India has been unrealistic exhibiting its rigidity to the mediation offers made earlier by USA, UNO, China, Iran to help it in resolving the most tedious Dispute on the Agenda of UNO.
The Tehrk-i-Kashmir believes that sacrifices of lacs of people, incarceration undergone by lacs of people under draconian laws, rape of innocent young and old women, injuries  of  lacs and vanishing of large number of Kashmiries , should not  go waste if dispute remains unsettled.   The Tehrik-i-IKashmir has been observing that Whenever  international pressure grows on   India , it comes out with a statement that both countries will settle the issue either  under the Shimla or Lahore agreement but  the  fact of the matter is  that Kashmir dispute has remained unsettled and  this  reflects the real insincere approach of Indian government  not to settle  the issue peacefully and amicably. Hence Tehreek-i-Kashmir has appealed all the peace loving countries of world particularly USA, China, France, Great  Britain, OIC and other nations to take serious note of the situation  and save South Asian Sub-continent and the world from horrors of atomic war.

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