Gen Mattis, Gen Bajwa’s phonic talk hailed

– Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi
ISLAMABAD: Political watchers and futurists of Islamabad have hailed the 20-minute duration telephonic talk between US Gen Mattis and COAS Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa as good omen for the future.
Commenting to Kashmir Watch here Friday evening the public appreciation came against the backdrop of US-Pakistan’s long tested ties of mutual benefit. Both Pakistan and the USA have been enjoying strategic depth in their 64 years relations, they commented.
On Thursday US Gen Mattis talked to Gen Bajwa for twenty minutes appreciating the role of Pakistan in tackling terrorism as well as in peace engagements. Pakistan, it may be recalled, plays important role in maintaining world peace by sending abroad peace missions of its armed forces as far as Haiti in Latin America.
The regional side story is that India is building up its nuke arsenals in an underground city. This enhances the danger to the regional peace and pacific socio-economic progress.

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