Geelani suspends National front of Nayeem Khan from Hurriyat

SRINAGAR: APHC chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Saturday suspended one of its constituent party, National front from basic membership of Hurriyat conference.

The press statement issued said that the suspension will come into force with immediate effect in Srinagar and Hurriyat chapter of Azad Kashmir.

“People in occupied Jammu & Kashmir are following movement likewise they are performing their other religious obligations, said Geelani and while referring to a video clip telecasted by an Indian TV Chanel, said that they are attempting to defame our cherished movement”, statement reads.

“We summoned all constituent members including Nayeem Ahmad Khan to facilitate him to keep his view point before executive body, however police authorities did not allow leaders to hold a meeting at his residence in Hyderpora” it said.

Syed Ali Geelani said that though Nayeem Ahmad Khan in a press conference has raised questions over the veracity of said clip & added that in pursuance of special power vested in me as chairman and until the clarification of all related issues come to fore, the membership will remain suspended. It is my moral duty and as a supreme head of forum I am obliged to fulfill assigned duties.

However, it is my duty to aware my nation that Indian media is a biased and not trustworthy. They are working for Indian agencies and as mouthpiece for fanatical forces.

Syed Ali Geelani ridiculing India media for their partial and biased reporting said, they are promoting colonial mindset & added that Indian media is hellbent to bring bad name to leadership and defame ongoing freedom struggle.

Indian media is relying on lies and concocted & sensational stories about money transactions are being telecasted, said Geelani and added that these baseless stories are far from realities.

They are desperate to defame our righteous movement, said Geelani and added that it is a deliberate attempt to mislead international community and a part of their frivolous game to involve Pakistan.

Syed Ali Geelani admitted that no doubt Pakistan is a prime party to the issue and supports us on political and moral grounds. It is not possible for India to implicate us as ours is an indigenous movement and damaging propaganda won’t have any adverse effect over its credibility, said Geelani.
Syed Ali Geelani said that uprising in 2016 was not preplanned and nor instigated by Pakistan.

Syed Ali Geelani said that it was a spontaneous reaction from people after the martyrdom of commander Burhan and during five months long uprising, people braved pellets and bullets. They were massacred and even scores of youth sacrificed their eyesight. Our people are not doing all this just for fun but it is a sacred sentiment and passion that people follow, said Geelani.

Blaming India for continuous bloodshed, Geelani said that their stubborn attitude is root cause for prevailing mayhem.
We need resources to combat military might of India and mostly we raise all funds from local sources to pursue our movement.

Geelani while referring to his organization Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, said that it is strong and cadre based party. People with generous heart help us through every possible means & mostly people in month of Ramadan, do offer their alms and charity, said Geelani. We are enough self-sufficient and as such our movement is indigenous, added he.

Nayeem Khans says ‘Sting Operation’ doctored, fake

Following an intense pressure from different corners, Nayeem Khan Provincial President of Hurriyat Conference finally breaks silence over the Sting Operation conducted by the Delhi based channel while saying that the ‘sting operation’ is “fake and doctored”.

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Khan alleged that the agenda of Indian media is to “defame the Kashmir struggle”.

“The video has been run in bits and pieces and everything taken out of context,” said Khan.

He said that Pakistan is a basic party to the Kashmir dispute and that the neighbouring country supports the Kashmir movement. “We generate funds at the local level to help victims of the conflict,” said Khan. (PTK)

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