Geelani reaches out to Turkish PM

Geelani reaches out to Turkish PM

SRINAGAR, Jun 2: The Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, today wrote a letter to the prime minister of Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan, hailing him “for support to the Kashmir issue.”

The separatist leader dispatched the letter through head Jamiat-e-Islami Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK), Abdul Rashid Tarabi, who went on a visit to Turkey. “Turkey has played a crucial role for Kashmir as member of the OIC. Now your support to the Kashmir cause in the United Nations general assembly has encouraged us. Entire Kashmir is grateful to you for the stand and we honour you,” Geelani wrote in the letter.

The veteran separatist maintained that resolution of Kashmir issue was inevitable for peace in the South East Asia region, and that putting the issue on the back-burner could have negative implications. He urged the prime minister to put pressure on New Delhi as well as on Pakistan.

“We appeal to you to put pressure on India to accept the reality of the Kashmir issue and work for its resolution. And we appeal to you to suggest to Pakistan leadership to keep their stand on Kashmir unchanged,” he wrote.

The 82-year-old leader highlighted the human rights violations going on in Kashmir including the arrests, separatists’ house arrests and killings.

He said “there is no end to the arrests” and “New Delhi is trying to crush peaceful movement with its military might.” Separatists’, he said, have been placed under “martial law like restrictions”, and the agencies “are tying to divide and rule.”

“The attempt is to divide Kashmiri society into sects so that focus is shifted from over the main (Kashmir) issue,” he wrote, “Recently I called a meeting of Ulema at my residence, but was not allowed to take place.”

The Muslim countries, he wrote, especially Turkey should use their influences to prevent more loss of life in Kashmir.

“You shall push for resolution of Kashmir and Palestine, which are threat to peace. Kashmir is a internationally acknowledged dispute and it should be resolved as per aspirations of its people,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Geelani visited residence of Abdul Rashid Allai at Pulwama for condolences over the death of his father.

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