Geelani condemned innocent killing in Palestine, anguish over the in-activeness of OIC

Geelani condemned innocent killing in Palestine, anguish over the in-activeness of OIC

Calls peaceful protest on July 15 &18

Srinagar: While expressing his deep sorrow and anguish over the heart threatening killings of hundreds of innocent people in Palestine including dozens of children and women, chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Sayed Ali Geelani appealed for peaceful protest demonstration against the Israeli terrorism on 15 July Tuesday after the Zuhar prayers and after the Friday congregational prayers on 18 July. He also appealed the college and university students to wear black arm bands to show solidarity with the oppressed and subjugated people of Palestine.

While strongly condemning the support of America, Britain and Canada to the aggression of Israel, he also expressed deep sorrow and dismay over the role of Saudi and Egyptian governments, who are criticizing Hamas instead of Israeli aggression and whose unconsciousness has provided Israel a chance to bombard the innocent people of Palestine. In a statement to Valley Media Service, the pro-Islamic leader of Kashmir said that the America and England are equal partners to the heinous crimes of Israel and they are formally supporting the bloodshed of innocent children in Gaza.

He questioned that is no one among the children killed in Palestine a Malala Yousaf Zai, whose death could have melted the hearts of Mr. Obama and Mr. David Cameron? Geelani sahib said that the meaningful silence of the world community over the war crimes of the Zionist government is a threatening picture and a bitter reality of the so called ‘civilized’ world.

The so called civilized governments of America, England and other European countries have been exposed that they have legalized the bloodshed of Muslims and they want to eliminate them from the world. The pro-freedom leader of Kashmir also questioned the role of human rights organizations and said that their silence over the situation of Gaza have proven their claim of human rights as hallow that these organization also follow the duel standards on Muslims and there is no value of the blood of Muslims in front of them and they are busy in serving the unjust interests of the Imperialistic powers of the world.

While expressing deep sorrow and anguish over the inactiveness of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and anti-Hamas stand of Saudi and Egyptian governments, Geelani sahib said that the silence of the voluptuous rulers of the Muslim countries over the massacre of the Palestinian people have shocked the entire Muslim Ummah and 1.5 billion humans are feeling like the heap of sand. He said that if the Muslim rulers don’t act now and remains silent on this crucial juncture then the day is not far when Israel will one by one punish them all. While announcing the programme of peaceful protest demonstration after the Tuesday and Friday prayers and wearing of black arm bands, Geelani sahib also appealed the Immams of the Masjids to pray for the subjugated people of Palestine in all the five time prayers of the day and aware the people about the grave situation of the Gaza. (VMS)

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