Gaza: The Bleeding Territory

Gaza: The Bleeding Territory

Ishaq Begh

As the unfortunate and ill fated Israeli aggression in Gaza strip is in its spiral genre, from the last couple of days this perverted antagonism is leaving behind the innocent killings and mass destruction both in the human as well as pecuniary aspects and in contrast to this all the whole world is watching it as a mute spectator.

Israel the oppressor continued its onslaught and military might on unarmed citizens of Gaza by showing no concern of the humanity and world set humanitarian norms. In a short span of time its malevolence face took above 500 lives of innocent people and left thousands critically injured. It has been also circulated in media that Israeli aerial bombardment in Gaza crushed 22 families completely without leaving any member alive.

On last Sunday morning it befooled the world community by announcing a two hour truce, but only in these two hours it destroyed many civilian houses in Gaza City’s Shujaiya neighborhood with over one hundred killings. By committing such war crimes, what does Israel want to achieve? Does it need to obliterate its main opponent Hamas totally in the Gaza Strip so that its lewd designs get final shape without any hurdle, or to cleanse the soil of its native inhabitants for additional illegal settlements? Is Israel defending itself from any terrorism from the Palestinians in realty as it enunciates to the world, or it keeps an ambition to vacate the Arabs from Palestinian soil completely for its greater Israel dream?

On November 29 1947 after United Nation got Palestine partitioned between the Jews and Arabs, a new Zionist state (Israel) was proclaimed by many nations of the world. This state first existed only on the land belonged to Jews they but did not stop from further expansions, as their superfluity touched the sky. Soon after new accumulations, in 1948 the population of Arabs in Israel was about one sixth. What made this region a hell is simply the dream of Greater Israel which the Jews keep.

History is witness for the above revealed facts and can be further elaborated by mentioning the Arab – Israel war of 1949, it occurred only after the Israel expanded its territory by one third. After this war Israel could not remained peaceful as it waged another two wars with Egypt, one in 1956 (Suiz crisis) and another in 1967 (Six day War). The later one left Israel in the possession of Gaza strip, west bank and Sinai Peninsula and his all was a part of Greater Israel conspiracy hatched by the Jews.

After going brutal, Israel appeased world powers and got managed in gripping the Arab Leaders for a peace process. Negotiations between Egypt and Israel were held in Camp David in 1978 and after signing a peace treaty in March 1979, Israel withdrew its occupying forces from the Sinai by April 1982 but the Palestinian National Authority which was officially recognized in 1964 as a result of the Oslo Accords continuously remained under the occupation and dark. It was framed out as an interim governing body responsible for the governance in West Bank and Gaza strip hence fell to the conspiracies hatched against it. Not only this, the United Nations has observed an annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people since 1978 but unfortunately never felt the pain of its people as under the patronage of United States, UN’s support to Israel grew more and more which was totally unrealistic and against the humanity. So it can be clearly assumed that world powers never worked for a stable Middle East and a free Palestinian State. The innocent people of Palestine were left alone by their own neighbors and other Muslim nations that is why Israel became such aggressor and an uncontrollable tyrant.

It is the silence of Muslim world especially which allowed Israel to commit heinous war crimes in Gaza as they showed no interest for Palestine. Other nations which could not uttered a single word against Israel on the moral grounds made things easy for Israel to commit genocide in Gaza. It is paradoxical on the United Nations side which under the unipolar world pressure approved a limited autonomy to the Palestine on august 30, 1993. No doubt this was approved by Israel also and indeed was a step towards the ending of long lasting military control over the Palestinian territory. Palestinian authority assumed it as a victory but was merely a defeat for them because they recognized Israel as a legitimate State. After this diplomatic defeat, a huge blow was given to the Palestine in October 1998 when Israel extended the Jewish settlements in West Bank and announced plans to extend the municipal authority to the West Bank areas. So the conflict already caught in fire got more and more fuel added. In other words it can be said that Israel engaged itself in an ongoing war against Palestine without caring for the humanity. Brutality of the Israeli forces is in its full swung as in last fifteen days over 500 people were killed and thousands were critically injured.

After committing innumerable massacres Israel is persistently providing the moral justifications for its brutality in Gaza, its habitual and unending propaganda against Hamas is also in cyclic manner. It only keeps saying that Hamas’s capability of firing rockets on Tel Aviv has not been culminated yet. But it is fact that Israel’s offensiveness in Gaza kept going from bad to worse and in reality surpassed the Hitler’s record, after this all it still enjoys world support for its existence and bold standing in the international arena, which is good for international understanding and neutralization of territory. Here Israel perceives a success in the ongoing war that is why war crimes and the world’s silence are not bothering its nature. After watching the videos of Israel’s unfolding terror in Gaza, innocents were blown off, kids without limbs and heads in their parental laps, young ones are being killed by the Israeli snipers, targeted civilian areas and what not, are enough reasons to convict Israel in the war crimes. But question arises here who will make Israel accountable, USA which is its main ammunition supplier and back bone of its economy or the UNO which behaves as a mandate less body in this particular crisis. It is not only the UNO, USA, UK etc. who patronizes the Israel in this ongoing onslaught on Gaza, but the objectionable silence of Muslim world especially Arab Nations which jeopardized the whole Palestine.

Arab world is in dilemma on its diplomatic support to Palestine as it is worried of the Israel’s anger. Where is the international community, why it failed to get Israel accountable of the war crimes in Gaza, where are the sanction invoking bodies of the world? Which sanctioned Sadam Hussain and Maumer Qadafi of no fault? Aren’t they watching Israel pounding cancer inducing bombs on civilian population in Gaza? Why they hesitate in issuing even moral pronouncements against Israel? Now when the Israel is in devastating mood, contemporary Arab world is still devoid of its clear cut ideology and effective foreign policy.

It prefers destabilization over the mutual understanding as Iran functions against the supremacy of Saudi Arabia and so is the case with Saudi which is reluctant to accept Iran as a regional power. Due to this immaturity and distrust they are not in a position to recognize their common enemy in the region. This hostility will never pay them an ease as west is delightful in their separation.

On the Palestinian issue, former US president Jimmy Carter has rightly said, “As long as the Gaza remains isolated the situation in Middle East will remain volatile”. He further admits that Israeli leaders do not want a free Palestinian state. So question arises here, if Israel do not want a free Palestine then Gaza has to remain isolated which is the sole concern of the word and particularly of the Middle East. It is obvious that Palestine – Israel conflict is escalating day by day so can be a major threat to humanity.

Need of the hour is to stop Israel from this belligerence in Gaza and must be pressurized to hand over all the territory it seized illegally to the Palestinians, so that neutralization may be enforced. On the other hand Arab nations should reorganize their platform and form a military alliance for its defense from a mutual threat and it is only their support to Palestinian right to self determination which may invite peace again in this volatile region.

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