KW Archives May 2015: Fulfill international obligations respect human rights, EU Official

Brussels: Occupying nations have to fulfill the international obligations and respect the human rights, this was stated by Silvio Gonzato Director, Human Rights and Democracy, European External Action Service (EEAS) responding the question, about the massive abuses of rights by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir, raised by Abdul Latif Bhat, Director Kashmir.Foundation, who participated in an international conference on human rights here Tuesday. The conference was organised by Friends of Europe.

KF director appealed to the participants to send a mission to Indian occupied parts of Jammu and Kashmir to have an on-the-spot assessment of the situation there. Presently there is over 700,000 Indian military and paramilitary posted in occupied Kashmir. Its presence itself is a major cause of human rights violations.

He explained that Kashmir just want their right to self-determine their political destiny and India is the chief snag in the way of fulfillment of this objective despite UN resolutions since 1948.

Director Kashmir Foundation diverted the attention of the participants about Kashmir and urged to include rights abuses, committed in Kashmir by Indian military, in the Action Plan of Human Rights and Democracy department of European External Action Service (EEAS). He mentioned that as Kashmir is UN recognised dispute region, world’s largest place where is deployed huge military and thus human rights violations scale is high with 8000 disappearances and thousands bodies found in unmarked mass graves. KF director also displayed picture of 16-year teen of Hamid Nazir Bhat on laptop screen to around 100 participant diplomats, lobbyists and scholars covering and researching human rights subject in Brussels.

Mr Silvio Gonzato Director, Human Rights and Democracy, European External Action Service (EEAS) responding the question said EU has the policy to ask occupying nations to fulfill the international obligations and respect the human rights.

Later Kashmir.Foundation Director personally reported Jean-Louis Ville Head of Unit Governance, Democracy, Gender, Human Rights, European Commission about the latest incident of pellet injury of Kashmiri teen boy at the hands of police and now has lost his eyesight. He has assured to report this incident to the related section in European Commission. Details of this brutal incident with the image was also delivered to Jean-Louis Ville.

Director Kashmir.Foundation has appealed to the people of Kashmir to hashtag their tweets and facebook posts to #HumanRights and related keywords whenever any such incident of rights violation takes place in Kashmir. He said hastagging is the new tool to reach the human rights organisations and raise the voice in international fora with greater impact than strikes and protests which damage the economy of our people.

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