Forces given license to kill innocent Kashmiris by Government of India: JKNC leader


Rayees Magray


SRINAGAR : National Conference leader Mohd Akbar Lone, while talking to PRESS TRUST OF KASHMIR said that both the Indian government and state government have given full license to security forces to kill innocent Kashmir.


He said, “Every day we heard about the killings and injuries of unarmed Kashmiri which pains us a lot”.


“Government is nabbing the militants or trying to catch them alive and doing their duty effectively, but what is hurting is the killing of civilians by the hands of government forces. Even the children are brutally beaten by forces which is very unfortunate and condemn able”, he said.


“The security forces have made their mind for killing, whether a militant, a civilian or anyone else. They have to kill the Kashmiris for which they have a complete license from both centre and state governments”, he said.


Lone said that the Kashmiri have been pushed to wall adding that they have no other option to pick a gun. “The reaction from their side will be very dangerous for both centre and state. Today we are seeing that the youth without caring about their lives are pelting stone on forcing  which indicates that they too have made their mind”, Lone added.


Lone further added that the ruling government is responsible for creating such terrible conditions in valley. “There is hardly any signs of brightness but only darkness, instead of gaining the confidence back which they have almost lost is choosing such means which lead to anger and violence and adding fuel to the fire”, he said.


He said that the need of the hour is to sit on one table and bring up the permanent solution to Kashmir problem which is internationally recognized issue.  (PTK)

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