European Investing partners discuss strategy to initiate development projects

Brussels:  A European investment group and two organizations have jointly launched mega development projects from the capital city of European Union here last week. In this regard, the UANORG and the International Organisation for Refugees Affairs Care high committees under the Direction of the Royal Famil1y Alnoaimi International Investments Group hold an open session to discuss the mega Investment develop0ment projects at the European Press Club, Brussels.

The mega investment development projects aim to cover the regions of European Union (EU), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

During the open session H.H. Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi, Prof. Dr. Hecham,  H.E. Bytyqi Bekim,  Eng. Al Fadous, Prof. Dr. Suliman , Dr Al Hagli Taghrid  discussed the overall progress about the principal projects and also analysed the feedback on multiple projects and tried to seek the opinion from all respected high committee members and chalked out the strategy to move forward with the best projects that can reflect the motive of their Organisation i.e., to contribute their part to serve the humanity.  The proposed projects would be launched with a special focus on Hi-Tech, Telecommunication, Construction, Infrastructure and Petroleum & Gas sectors.
H.H. Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi in his opening remarks mentioned about the mission, strategy, ideology of UANORG and its relation between investment group and humanity Orgs. He stated that out of every project 10 %  percent profit share will be allocated to the human development projects.
He explained that “We open the doors for any human development projects across all European Union’s regions”.
He said that any investment company or group is most welcomed to join their group and humanity Orgs. and participate in the development projects in the European Union and rest of the world.
UANORG nominates His Excellency Bytyqi Bekim as Ambassador and Hajdari Xhevdet General Manager of UANORG embassy in Kosovo.
UANORG nominates His Excellency Bytyqi Bekim as Ambassador and Hajdari Xhevdet as General Manager of UANORG embassy in Kosovo.

His Excellency Bytyqi Bekim, UANORG Ambassador to Kosovo said that he has discussed the energy project with H.H. Prince Jamal and his team.  “They spoke about to launch the project in Kosovo as well as in the Balkans especially the project of renewable energy.”

Ambassador Bekim said that since 2008 State is not active in energy development sector as it should. He said that they have now initiated to launch the project and are now in the right direction but all they need is support in executing the project. He said that even the main important energy resource in Kosovo is coal but they want to open the chapters in renewable energies.
Prof. Dr. Hecham presented the High Committee report as per the directions of H.H. Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi. Dr. Hecham in its report explained the vision, strategy, objectives of UANORG, International Organisation Refugees Affairs Care, and Royal Family Alnoaimi International Investment Group. He further mentioned that ” We are independent financing organisation, we finance our selves, we have the capacity to invest.” He further said that “H.H. Prince Jamal has large despots in many big Banks, he finance these projects, this investment generates the money, then we inject in humanity projects and also finance in collaboration with other Govts and organisations, we take care of our own part.” Dr. Hecham said that “This is our strategy in investments and when we generate a profit, we use it to deposit in UANORG human projects”.  He said that 10 % profit goes to UANORG with special priority to use it there in human development projects.
Dr. Taghrid Al Hagli, former Minister for Culture and Family Affairs, Syrian Interim Government vowed that their mission is to help women, children, orphans and promote the project of human development everywhere in the world especially in conflict zones of Middle East. She said that they intend to promote the education in different sectors, introduce training courses and focus on strategic studies, scientific & social research.  “How the people accept each other after the crisis is a big challenge for us?”, she said that education can play a key role to help us to establish a country on strong base after the end of a conflict.
Prof. Dr. Suliman said that our mission and package is to spread the education everywhere in the world. He said, “Our aim is to identify the areas with less education and focus to launch UANORG education program with the ideology and strategy to serve the humanity. He said that America and its allies are spending billions of dollars on army and arms to establish peace in the world. But it is clear from the fact their investment is proved wrong as they fail to get the better results. He said that the terrorists and terrorism cannot be eliminated by deploying armies and supplying arms in conflict-hit areas. He said that our aim is spread education everywhere and make it the strongest tool that can use to fight the terrorism. He said that when our children miss the education, we give them chance to get involved in terrorism. He said that due to the armed conflicts in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria around 2 million children’s education has badly affected. He said that it is one of our principles to really invest in the education sector and aim of our program is for all the human being. He said through the light of education every person will be able to know the value of his life and it will be easy for every educated person to think about the safety and security of the life of other people.
He said that this is our strategy to fight the terrorism and thus we must fight the reason why this extremism and terrorism have developed. He said by investing more in education rather than to invest in militarisation we must end global terrorism with better results.
On the occasion, High Committee also nominated His Excellency Bytyqi Bekim as Ambassador and  Hajdari Xhevdet as General Manager of UANORG embassy in Kosovo.
H.E. Ambassador Bytyqi Bekim and Hajdari Xhevdet will be part of the UANORG high-level delegation headed by the President and Vice-President to hold the meeting with the President of Kosovo to discuss the projects and extend cooperation needed in health, education, and development related projects.

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