Europe should rethink its policy of hatred towards Islam, Geelani

Europe should rethink its policy of hatred towards Islam, Geelani

Srinagar: Commenting over the attack on a magazine Charlie Hebdo in France and the anti-Islam rallies of an organization of the west namely “Pegida”, Chairman Hurriyat Syed Ali Geelani advised the European countries that they should rethink over their policies of enmity and hatred towards the Islam and the Muslims and teach your people to respect the other religions and the religious personalities instead of making fun of theirs.

He said that until and unless the root cause and the background of the prevailing uneasiness and the instability in the world is not addressed and healed, it will not only prove to be a difficult but an impossible task to overcome the extremism and the dream of a peaceful world will not get fulfilled until the powerful forces of the world would not learn to respect and value others.

In Tuesday’s press statement, the pro-freedom leader of Kashmir said that Islam is the religion of peace, security and love and it gives first preference to the protection life, property and the dignity of the mankind. It has termed all the human beings as a single family and it has urged and taught us the lessons of equality among them. Geelani sahib said that the actions of some groups and persons in the world which they perform in the name of Islam have no relations with Islam while as they are totally contrary to its teachings but it is imperative for the world to think that why are they doing this and why have they become the enemies of their own lives including the lives of others? Is this the result of the injustice? Is this the reaction out of cruelties which the powerful nations unleash upon the weak nations of the world? And is this the fruits of the hate policies of the west which they adopted against the Islam and the Muslims after the downfall of the Soviet Union?

Geelani sahib said that besides Kashmir and Palestine there are still many Muslim majority regions of the world under the forced occupation of the powerful nations and where the worst kind of cruelties are unlashed upon the innocent people. he said that the double speak and the dual policy of the west regarding to the injustice is a big reason for the disharmony and the instability in the world. With regarding to the Palestine and Kashmir, the Muslim world has been “pushed to the wall” and the America and some European countries are openly supporting the oppressor instead of the oppressed people and are patting their backs.

Geelani sahib said that after the episode of 9/11 the situation has totally worsened in the world and it has taken a dangerous path. The Muslims everywhere are not only looked in a suspicious way but it has become a routine in the west to insult and abuse the Islam and the Muslims. The people who have high claims regarding the protection of life, property and dignity of the human beings, have adopted it as their hobby to write offensive material against the religious personalities especially the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAW) under the banner of “freedom of press”. He expressed his surprise that the Charlie Hebdo named a magazine in France who had in the past expelled one of its journalist for writing against the Jews, is again and again publishing the blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The Islamic leader of Kashmir said that the Muslim can tolerate anything but it will be against his faith to accept the insult of his Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He appealed the heads of the 40 countries who have assembled to protest against the Paris attack that they should teach their people to respect others and make them understand that the security of dignity and faith is among the basic and birth rights of every human being. Geelani sahib said that until the west will not change its policies of enmity and hatred towards the Islam and the Muslims, it will have a natural reaction in any shape and this approach will provide oxygen for the prevailing uneasiness and the instability in the world.

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