Establish Judicial commission to probe all the killings: SKCS

Islamabad:  South Kashmir Civil Society(SKCS) Spokesperson in a statement said that the Society  strongly deplores the killing of innocent youth in Ganowpora Shopian  at the hands Indian  security forces , besides injuring scores of civilians.
“Terror-Tact, cannot deter naive  Kashmiris for demanding the early resolution of both dispute and conflict of  Kashmir,  which is the democratic right to its people,” SKCS said, adding that ephemeral lull should never- ever be construed as  peace, which is surely negative connotation along with  dehumanising element associated with  negative portion of  peace.

SKCS reiterates  that a time-bound judicial probe should be initiated over the Shopian killings, as well as , quasi Judicial commission should be established under the aegis of UNCHR, to probe all the killings  which have taken place since last three decades including the deaths occurred due to   cross LoC firings.

SKCS maintains that Society understands  that in the present scenario War between India and Pakistan cannot happen but shall and will be simply of  catalytic in nature to which people of Jammu and Kashmir on either side of divide are the first and last victims. Yes, solution to  Kashmir can assure  the smooth development and progress of South Asia. Essentially, the problem of Kashmir in terms of sensitivities is  bigger than the size of the region. No matter, Kashmiris are weak but the  seventy- year old  ‘metrical tune of grief’ needs to be hearken by the  global Samaritans. World community as such  should  join heads together to relieve innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir from the agony of pain and disgust.

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