Educational Reforms or Educational Revenge?

Educational Reforms or Educational Revenge?

In the recent times in J&K state, the employability rate seems to be highest in Education followed by Health. Govt spends huge sums on the wages of teachers in school & higher education departments but no landmark change has been observed so far.

While private educational institutions run by elite firms, have turned into commercial corporations, govt. institutions are confined to paper work. So in public sector, its restricted to employment irrespective of worth; while in private sector it has turned into a full fledged enterprise.

The incumbent state Education Minister, out of curiosity, is

undertaking few initiatives to clear the muck, but even the CM can’t cleanse it. Because there is a strong network in the form of a mafia that actually controls the functioning of the education or any other department according to their own interests. The mafia comprises of heads of private corporate, trade union leaders, officials within the departments, mainstream leaders, NGOs, media, teachers themselves and selected ingredients from (un)civil society.

The roots of nepotism, corruption, worst work culture, mismanagement & cheating are so deep rooted that it requires an in-depth comprehensive strategy to undo such a menace. Unless this mafia is identified, exposed & dissolved, there will certainly be no remarkable progress in education sector. The ongoing efforts, though appreciable, are too insufficient to streamline this sector except creating an intra-departmental polarisation wherein the lesser mortals will continue to be crushed under the mafia web while the mafia lovers would enjoy the bye products of mal-administration.

The rulers should first workout the causes rather than directly

attempting to treat the symptoms, which often results in recurrence of the plague. Similar yardstick needs to be applied to other departments where parallel mafia networks scavenge national wealth.

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