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  • Irony is that after blinding us, the state government wants us to write exams with visionless eyes


Education is among the significant fields of a country .A society is known to be well behaved only when it has education at its core. As we are very well aware that since the killing of Commander Burhan Wani, the situation in Kashmir has with every passing day gone from bad to worse. Scores of innocents have been killed, thousands injured and many other crippled for life.

But, the pivotal sector of education too has taken a hit due to the ongoing agitation with no ending to crisis seeming near. The schooling of students has come to complete halt due to the situation, conduct of exams and preparations to these exams look a very rare possibility such is the gloomy situation in the Kashmir valley. The educational institutions in state were closed for the annual summer break on July 1 across the Valley. The break scheduled to end on July 17 was then extended up to July 25 due to the agitation which has already taken 70 lives injuring thousands, including students. The crisis has been discussed even in Parliament of India as well as an All Parties meet was called in order to handle the situation but there seems no breakthrough in calming the angry Kashmiris that seeks a political resolution of Jammu and Kashmir.

What is the way-out seems to be quiet a difficult question to one and all. Now to find some sought of reprieve the youth of Kashmir have launched an innovative and timely initiative to provide some sought of reprieve to those seeking education and also keep in consideration the sacred freedom struggle of Kashmir in mind. The youth have started community based coaching centers free of cost in their respective localities for the students and the response so far has been quiet impressive.

Without an iota of doubt, the need of education in these gloomy times has been to some extent being sufficed by these community based coaching centers, parents and students are all praise for this initiative and call it a great step and a step taken in right direction.

Apart from young and dedicated young and educated volunteers, Teachers, Intellectuals, All Jammu and Kashmir Students Union (AJKSU) has as a premier students body taken a lead in not only providing education in community education centers via its volunteers, but also has established many such centers throughout the length and breadth of violence hit valley of Kashmir. AJKSU and the bodies like it are with every passing day widening the net of such education centers. Even in most of the areas of Valley Masques are also used for the same cause.

Keeping in view the ever grave situation of Kashmir in mind these education centers mainly operate at early morning and evening times, and students brave the heavy deployment of security forces to reach to these community based education centers. Apart from religious and civil societies, Pro Freedom Parties have also asked youth to take the initiative in opening more and more such education centers. Following this, several such centers have opened up where youth are teaching children in every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir. 

On July 20, after a long break the state government in first phase announced to open the schools in Bandipora, Baramulla, Budgam and Ganderbal districts and in second move before some days Education Minister of state seeks co-operation of parents to re-open schools.  The response, however, from both teachers and students was discouraging due to the continuous shutdowns and curfew.

However the government officials have made it clear that exams will be taken on time but the same government has also blocked the internet service since 8th of July, which is the main source of preparing for exams in modern times. Irony is that after blinding us, the state government wants us to write exams with visionless eyes. Even a class 10th student Majid Ahmad who lost his both eyes has said recently to a local daily, “Has education minister gone mad or pretending to be? After blinding the youth of Kashmir, he wants us to write exam papers. How am I going to study without eyes?”

It is great shame that after making hundreds of students blind by pellets and have killed more than 70 people with bullets and imposers of curfew and cordon for last 52 days are also ‘missing’ school kids and calling them for the morning assemblies.

Government should know that in present times well educated youth of J&K have give-up education and have joined the militant ranks and others are too willing to give-up but can’t bear bullets and pellets. Youth of J&K want something more out of life than a college education and a married life. They want to change the conflict in Kashmir. Youth of Kashmir think that nothing came out for ‘Dialogue’ since last seven decades.  

Since the killing of Commander Burhan Wani, sentiments have increased among people in general and Young students in particular. A for Aazadi, B for Burhan, C for Curfew… They knew it all by themselves & when I asked a question “Do you know, who is Burhan?” to one of my student of class 4th who comes to study nowadays to my home. The answer was “I want to be like him one day. Everyone will talk about me.” One should know the facts that among 128 persons killed in 2010 agitation more than 80 were students and in current (2016) agitation among 75 killed by forces more than 40 are students thus the student community of Kashmir has suffered more than that of others.

While we are in resistance as a nation we are very well aware that we cannot neither compromise the our right to resist and on the same hand we as a nation are also motivated to give our future of nation a quality education which will keep our nation a balanced nation. But in the same time if we talk to any student of any class from 1st to 12th they only talk about slogans and also talk to have a lesson on Kashmir history.

Lastly I pray for all those who were killed in current agitation in Kashmir. May Almighty Allah Grant all of them the highest place in Jannah where noble souls actually belong.

“Oh Allah bless the youth with graciousness of supplications of dawn

And bestow strength to these kids of falcon to take a flight.” IQBAL (RA)

Bio: ‘Syed Tajamul Imaran’ is a Student activist, President at All J&K Students Union, an MBA, With the Dream of Breaking the Status Quo. He tweets as @sydtajamulimran  & can be reached at

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