Durable peace sans Kashmir solution impossible: Mirwaiz

Durable peace sans Kashmir solution impossible: Mirwaiz

Kashmiris ready to become peace bridge

Tele-address to NPC event

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Mirwaiz Mohammad Umar Farooq, Chairman APHC (All Parties Hurriyet Conference) says there can be no durable peace in South Asia without solving the tense dispute of Jammu and Kashmir, urging both Pakistan and Hindustan to pick up the courage and display higher statesmanship to roll forward the tripartite platform – Pakistan, Hindustan and Kashmiris – to cull out a Kashmir settlement to the satisfaction of Kashmiris. Analysing the regional geo-political panorama the popular Kashmiri leader foresees a sure ‘departing impact’ on Kashmir following foreign forces vacation of Afghanistan.

In his bold tele-address from Srinagar to the Nazriya Pakistan Council event held in Aiwan-e-Quaid here on Friday afternoon the popular Kashmiri leader suggests to both Pakistan and Hindustan that the people of Jammu and Kashmir can be a peace bridge between them. The full house audience attentively listened to the fervent call of Mirwaiz stressing re-initiation of leftover Kashmir CBMs by Islamabad and Delhi. ‘A tripartite solution of the Kashmir tangle can yield positive outcome to the satisfaction of the aspirations of Kashmiris’.

Chaired by the Chairman of the Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC), Mr Zahid Malik and addressed by world renowned scientist, Dr. A.Q. Khan, General (Rtd) Hamid Gul, ex-foreign minister Gohar Ayub, Admiral (Rtd) Abdul Aziz Mirza, ex-law minister S. M. Zaffar, vice-chairman NPC Mian Mohammad Javed, the stage and the audience appreciated the thoughtful address of the Mirwaiz, re-assuring Kashmiris that every Pakistani wherever he/she may be is with the struggling people of Jammu and Kashmir. The principles and contents of the ongoing Kashmir movement are genuine and ‘we the people of Pakistan practically endorse them all’. The title of the Round Table Conference was ‘Defence of Pakistan 1965-2013. Mirwaiz Umar paid sterling tributes to NPC chairman Mr Zahid Malik for holding the conference.

Delving deeper into the past pages of history, the Mirwaiz informed the audience and the people of Pakistan that the cause of wars between Pakistan and Hindustan was always the dispute over Jammu and Kashmir. He laid stress on the solution to Kashmir issue via negotiations. Similarly other disputes, he points out, like Siachin, Sir Creek, water issues can be solved via talks. Hurriyet Conference, he reiterated, wants a peaceful solution to the blood-oozing Kashmir dispute.

The time has come that the leaderships of both Pakistan and Hindustan must display higher statesmanship to approach the forward ways to tackle problems/disputes for pacific settlement. The greater need is to keep in sharp focus the sentiments and feelings of Kashmiris. He was appreciative of Nawaz-Vajpayee, Musharraf-Manmohan round of Kashmir talks. South Asia is entangled into an all-time war-like situation because of Kashmir. The recent LoC tension was also because of this issue. He recounted the long range of tortures, violence, oppression and suppression of Kashmiris by occupying apparatus. Even restrictions were imposed by Hindustan on our religious obligations, political ventilation and civic movements. Our worst exploitation is due to the unsettled Kashmir knot. ‘We urge Hindustan to accept the realities on ground vis-à-vis Kashmir dispute. It is a political, humanitarian issue of grave consequences. There can be no solution on the basis of use of force, preference must go for a table of talks.

Paying tributes to the valor of Kashmiris in facing the adverse circumstances the chairman of the APHC reminded that even 700,000 Hindustani armed forces could not break the will of the ‘caged’ Kashmiris. We want demilitarization, restoration of right of self-determination, and termination of anti-rights laws and codes, he stressed.

‘I am grateful to the management and the conferees for letting me valuable opportunity to address the attendees and the people of Pakistan on this occasion’, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq concluded.

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