Dismantling extremist ideologies key to defeat global terrorism : MWL Secretary General

Brussels:  “Saudi Arabia considers Daesh as the major security threat for the country”. This was stated by The Secretary General of the Muslim World League H.E Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa here at Press Club Brussels Europe while addressing the media on the issue of “Islam and European values: a new vision for a common dialogue”.
Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa said that Saudi Arabia believes that the main force behind the global terrorism is the ideological extremism. He said use of military is not the ultimate solution of this problem. “Dismantling extremist ideologies is the key to defeat global terrorism” he further explained.
Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa also disclosed that Saudi Government has, in this regard, established an International Counterterrorism Centre that aims to prevent the terror attacks and also to use the media & social media to counter the extremism ideas which is the source of terrorism. He said that  Centre aims to  defeat the extremists and achieve good results by dismantling the extremism ideas.

Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa said that Islamic world and  Muslim countries are tolerant but only smaller number of people are extremists. He said the Muslim population in the world is around 1.6 billion and extremist forces is very lowest numbering to 1% out 200, 000. He admitted that even this small number of extremists’ voice is loud because of their ideology. He said that these extremist forces are enemy of Islamic World. He said that non-Muslim countries should also understand that these forces are not representing the religion of Islam.

On Yemen conflict he said that Saudi Arabia wants peaceful and cordial relations with all countries including neighbours.
He also clarified the Saudi Government’s position on the issues related to empowering the women, human rights and humanitarian crisis that erupted due to the mass migration of millions of people from war hit Iraq and Syria.
The Muslim World League is an international non governmental Islamic organization founded in 1962 and based in Makkah. It is engaged in propagating the religion of Islam, elucidating its principles and tenets, refuting suspicious and false allegations made against the religion.

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