Diplomatic projection of Pakistan as peaceful country successful: Dr Lodhi

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi
NEW YORK – Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations Dr Maleeha Lodhi has expressed her satisfaction over what she termed as successful diplomatic campaign to project Pakistan as a peaceful and progressive country. She was answering questions here from a group of students studying in various institute of New York on Monday who called on her in office.
Dr Maleeha, a veteran diplomat, said that Pakistan image has been improved to a prideful upped level. Every Pakistani living in foreign lands is feeling the palpable improvement, and we are happy to note that Pakistani nationals response is most positive and cooperative, he asserted.
Dr Lodi had a good rapprochement within the United Nations mechanism that is useful for bettering the relations with the UN institutions worldwide.
On Kashmir issue she said that Pakistan is puruing peace policy to reach a negotiated settlement as per UN Kashmir rulings. Kashmir is a dispute which cannot be reduced in urgency by the passage of time. Kashmiris are fighting their cause with full patience and boldness. Their movement is unparalled. Their sacrifices have mobilized the world opinion in the favor of their cause, he asserted.
She reiterated her diplomatic appreciation for the two Kashmir statements given by the Secretary General of the UNO Mr Antonio Buterres who had urged settlement of this dispute saying it [this dispute] has got to be solved. Dr Lodhi offered rich tributes to the sacrifices of the Kashmiris. The UN Secretary General’s Kashmir statement reflects successful Kashmir policy of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and his government.
The students offered thanks to Pakistani ambassador and assured cooperation in projecting the cause of Kashmir across the world to help out Kashmiris. They paid tributes to the Kashmiris.

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