Devilish American Zionism: Netanyahu-Trump evil axis!

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

It is not a strange phenomenon that USA and Israel behave alike or they operate jointly. It has been so ever since USA-UK twins forcefully erected the Zionist criminal regime inside Palestine. Jews were actively and dangerously engaged in terrorist operations Europe and both big powers decided to fix the “trouble guys” with falsehood and fake claims in West Asia so that Israel could fight the Arabs and kill each other. They gave Israel money and terror goods.

Israel-US axis and American neoconservativism

Over the past two decades, Netanyahu and his US allies, whether in or out of office, consistently pursued some objectives of ensuring the support of USA and its allies for its crimes and expansionist proliferation of illegal settlements inside occupied Palestine. It has been a joint operation against Islam and Palestinians and other Arab nations.

To a great extent, they have succeeded. This unholy alliance between US neoconservatives (Neocons) and Netanyahu was no accident. They had long been partners. Back in the late 1970’s, Netanyahu convened many of these same “thinkers” to Israel for a summit at the Jonathan Institute—an event which some have called the birth of the American neoconservative movement.

Even while they focused on USSR and its Eastern allies, the ideology they spawned was decidedly pro-Israel and anti-Arab, and extremely hostile to all things Palestinian. Their focus was also hostility to the Soviet Union and the “national liberation movements” alleged to be Soviet pawns.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Oslo peace process, and the election of Bill Clinton, the focus of both the Neocons and Netanyahu shifted. They sought to influence and control the US Congressmen by bribing them.

Neoconservatives and anti-Palestine goals

Netanyahu focused on genocides of Palestinians and stealing their lands illegal expansionism for proliferation of illegal settlements inside Palestine, and in doing this, he ensured the support of the republicans. Whenever Netanyahu met with resistance from former President Bill Clinton, he turned to the Republican-led Congress for support. He was dogged in his efforts to sabotage peace and largely succeeded. Even the one agreement Clinton finally forced him to sign with Arafat only served to lock the Palestinians into an untenable situation by consolidating Israeli control over much of the West Bank and their nightmarish presence in the heart of Hebron.

Seeing US Republicans as his allies in the effort to sabotage the Mideast peace process that would lead to the establishment of Palestine, Netanyahu’s Likud party set up a shop to provide talking points to GOP members of US Congress. Their goal was to make Republicans partners in their fight with the Clinton administration/Labor Party endorsed peace process. With the GOP take-over of Congress in 1995, followed by Netanyahu’s election in 1996, the stage was set to kill the Oslo process. It was an unholy alliance of Likud and the GOP squared off against Labor and the Clinton Administration.

The anti-Palestine goals laid out in “A clean break” were not so much prophetic as they were a road map in which the Neocons and Netanyahu laid out their plans for a new US-Israel partnership, a destabilized Arab World, and an end to Palestinian aspirations for independence.

US presidents openly promote Zionist crimes in Palestine. Shortly after his first election as prime minister, and before his maiden address to the US Congress, a team of Reagan-era neoconservatives, who later worked as senior positions in the George W. Bush government, wrote a paper for Netanyahu to guide his remarks before Congress and to US audiences. The paper, echoing many themes from Netanyahu’s own writings, was called “A clean break.” Since he was already aligned with these views, he repeated the policy proposals during his many public appearances in Washington. “A clean break” theme can be seen as Netanyahu’s road map to relations with the US and the Middle East region.

Netanyahu encouraged Hamas to fight the PLO and Fatah, thereby weakening the Palestine movement and infighting and civil war. . With the “break” envisioned in “A clean break’, the impact of Netanyahu’s first term created conditions that ultimately led to his hopes for end of the peace process once for all. Hamas-Fatah leaders help him achieve his pet goal. In order to end the peace agenda of Ariel Sharon, the CIA, Mossad and hardcore Zionists brought back Netanyahu. After his return to office in 2009, he was forced to endure eight years of a Democratic government of Barack Obama. Once again, he turned to his relations with a Republican-led Congress to resist pressures to make peace.

Though Obama did not trust Netanyahu or Jewish leaders, he could not end the huge military aid to Israel.

Limited autonomy

US-Israeli twins allow only a limited autonomy for the Palestinians. The rule was upheld by Madam Clinton and Obama. Use of toy missiles against the powerful Zionism military attacks only helped Israel to claim ‘victory’ over the so-called “terrorists” and more high precision terror goods from Washington.

With the election of Donald Trump coupled with Republican control of Congress, Netanyahu feels more comfortable as a special guest at White House- which is inviting the Israeli criminal leaders for dinner. His pre-paid allies in Congress are vigorously pushing his agenda. There are bills designed to: further punish and discredit the already weakened PLO or PA; deny funding to UNWRA; outlaw the BDS movement; and recognize, through clever slight of hand language, Israel’s control over the Palestine “territories.”

The Trump regime began its tenure, proposing, perhaps as a gimmick; to deliver “a great deal” to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reportedly lowered its ambitions to a proposal mirroring a long-discredited 40-year-old Likud concept of “limited Palestinian autonomy” denying Palestinians full sovereignty and any rights in Jerusalem, while releasing large areas of the West Bank to Israeli expansion.

But the point is Palestine today is a defacto UN member with limited powers and it is going to be a full member soon even without US-Israeli approval. . .

For half of the past two decades Netanyahu has served as prime minister of Israel he did maximum to divide the helpless Palestinian leaders and kill even the children. Whatever his ultimate fate (given the ongoing criminal investigations he is currently facing), it is clear that he has had a profound impact on Israel, the Palestinians, and the entire region.

Netanyahu, other than the desire to retain power, also had some core beliefs in the superiority of Jews and Judaism over Christianity and Islam. He also believes the Jews in USA are responsible for what the USA is today. Even with his blood thirst, maneuvering and his penchant for prevarication, these core beliefs have directed his career.

Israel coerces USA to resist peace move
While Israel proceeds along its merry way, each day building more settlements, demolishing more Palestinian homes, dishing out more hardships to an embittered captive people, far from being the secure and stable dream Netanyahu envisioned, it is seething cauldron waiting for the next explosion.

Right from the day one after the US-UK imposition of a Jewish criminal state inside Palestine America had taken the responsibility of ‘maintaining and repairing” Israel so that it can solidly and militarily stand on its own, attack the neighboring Arab nations, coax and terrorize the Palestinians. USA also maintained the weapons depots of Israel first with conventional arms and then with WMD.

Indeed, the USA and Israel have forged an anti-Islamic alliance along with a few foolish Muslim nations. The central themes of the secret talks between Israel and America (Jews and Christians) have been: confronting Iraq and overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s rule and his w own assassination; ending the Oslo process and rejecting “land for peace” formula; reasserting Israel’s claim to the “land of Israel”; weakening the ability of the PLO or Palestinian Authority to govern; and poisoning the PA’s image in the USA to damage its standing; securing Israel’s northern border, by confronting Iran, promoting internal conflict in Lebanon, and destabilizing Syria, strengthening ties with US Republicans, including proposing ending US economic aid in favor of military aid and buying into the Reagan-era idea of a “missile defense” system—a concept favored by the GOP. .

Cool guys -both Americans and Israelis who are educated in USA and trained by the CIA!
The strong Islam-hate ideology has formed bond between Israel and USA which cannot be broken easily because of their secret terror attacks globally . They used the Hamas and Saudi Arabia to create problems for themselves and Islam.

Showcasing  Iran as threat

Israel dreamt of a US attack on Iran to weaken that Persian nation as well but Obama did not show interest in that terror project. But Netanyahu has found a fascist fellow traveler in Donald Trump who also opposes US nuclear deal with Iran for peace.

Killing the nuclear deal with Iran will put the USA back on a path to war and that is exactly what the Israeli leader has sought for the past twenty-five years.

Terror wars let Israel continue with expansionism and genocides freely like wild beasts. The Trump plan is to certify that Iran is in compliance with the deal ― both the IAEA and the U.S. intelligence services have consistently reported that Tehran is living up to its obligations, but Israel argues that the deal and its sanctions relief nevertheless is unjustified due to ‘Iran’s policies’ in the region that are anathema to US national security interests.

The Trump government has desperately sought a pretext to quit the nuclear deal and shed the limits the deal imposed on the US ability to pursue aggressive policies against Iran ― even if it also sheds the limits the deal imposed on Iran’s legitimate nuclear activities as a modern state.

Once again Netanyahu will meet with Donald Trump at the White House and push the USA to withdraw from the nuclear accord with Iran. Netanyahu will present an argument that Trump already has come to accept: America’s adherence to the nuclear deal cannot solely depend on Iran’s compliance with the agreement, but also whether Iran’s other policies challenge US national interests. It’s a more honest argument compared to the slogans Netanyahu has used in the past. But it is also a line that fundamentally contradicts Netanyahu’s central message of the past decades: That Iran’s nuclear program constitutes an existential threat to Israel.

Israel has new idea to kill the deal. The idea is to use the Congressional certification ― due every 90 days ― where the president has to report to Congress on whether Iran is complying with the deal or not. But unlike the reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency ― who is tasked to oversee the implementation of the nuclear deal ― the president’s report to Congress goes beyond the nuclear issue: Trump must also report whether the suspension of sanctions against Iran is appropriate and proportionate to the measures taken by Iran and vital to US national security interests.

Zionist crocodile tears have some impact on the US congressmen who regularly receive huge cash from Israel. USA happily joins its Zionist ally in spreading lies. In her by now infamous presentation at AEI ― riddled with falsehoods and lies ― Ambassador Nikki Haley argued that the nuclear deal was “designed to be too big to fail” and that an artificial line was drawn “between the Iranian regime’s nuclear development and the rest of its lawless behavior.”

The push to keep the deal, Haley argued, was put above all other concerns about Iran’s policies. As such, the deal is constraining America’s ability to act aggressively against Iran, much to the chagrin of hawks such as Haley and her neoconservative allies at AEI. But it is not President Barack Obama, or the proponents of the deal for that matter, that Haley and Trump should blame for the nuclear deal not addressing non-nuclear issues.

It is only ultra fanatic fascist Netanyahu.

Netanyahu celebrates the triumph of Jewish diplomacy, has argued ever since the mid-1990s that Iran’s nuclear program and its enrichment of uranium constituted an existential threat to Israel. During the George W. Bush era, he repeatedly warned that “It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany.” The implication being that the US must attack Iran before Tehran invades the West. No Israeli leader pushed this line harder than Netanyahu.

Fake existential threat

US-Israel twins always talk about existential threat to Israel and Jews. The joke that Israel would be removed from the world map is being quoted by them as the “proof” though everybody knows Israel cannot be erased from world map by Palestinians or Arabs. The truth is Israel can destroy entire world with its illegally obtained nukes if it is threatened by any power on earth. Netanyahu’s bogus argument that nuclear Iran is already or on the verge of being able to destroy Israel served to achieve several objectives. An existential threat combined with the claim that the Iranians were irrational and suicidal could ensure that preemptive military action needed to be taken. After all, he argues, an irrational, suicidal entity cannot be negotiated with it.

That is trick Israel employs to force USA to terror attack Iran.

The existential issues take precedence over all other matters. With the nuclear program defined as an existential threat, it superseded all other concerns ― and opportunities ― the USA had with Iran. In case Israel would fail to prevent negotiations from taking place, defining the nuclear issue as an existential threat ensured that there could be no bargaining between the nuclear question and other regional matters. Ideally, it would ensure that the USA would not even negotiate with Iran over non-nuclear issues, but rather only focus on Iran’s atomic program.

Largely due to pressure from Israel and Saudi Arabia (which is now an ally of Zionism), the USA has adopted the position that the negotiations would solely address Iran’s nuclear activities. Iranians originally insisted that the agenda would have to include a whole set of issues, including global warming.

From Netanyahu’s perspective, the sole focus on the nuclear issue would ensure that the talks should fail. Leaders in the region were saying to President Obama, that USA should quickly bomb these guys,” then-Secretary of State Kerry recently commented. “That’s the only way to resolve this issue.”

Israel has nukes but Iran should not have them. The need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons therefore is Israeli objective. Notwithstanding the Zionist tricks, the peace deal came through but Israel has not given up its lust for Islamic blood. .For the Obama government, the opposite held true: In order to ensure unity between the countries negotiating with Iran, it was critical to only focus on the matter they all agreed on:. Had the agenda been expanded to include regional questions such as Syria, Tehran could split the major powers as Russia and China were closer to Iran on that question than to Washington.

Now, Washington’s hawks and Netanyahu are complaining about the nuclear deal’s singular focus on Iran’s nuclear activities. Expansionist Israel says the real ‘threat’ is Iran’s regional “expansion. Allowing the nuclear deal to restrain the USA from confronting Tehran in the region, or allowing sanctions relief to proceed under these circumstances, would not serve US national security interests, both Israel and the Trump regime argue.

It is not invalid to point out that the sanctions relief put an end to more than three decades of US efforts to completely isolate and contain Iran. That argument, however, cannot be combined with the central assertion made by Netanyahu and Washington hawks in the past:

Iran’s nuclear program does not constitute any existential threat for Israel or USA. If the hawks truly believed in that contention, they would not complain about the nuclear deal’s singular focus on this existential threat. In their effort to kill the deal, the Zionist Americans are twisting and turning, contradicting the very premise that ensured that Iran’s nuclear program would top the USA and the international community’s security agenda for the first fifteen years of this century.

US war on Iran would make Israeli expansionism safe and secure.

Nevertheless, whatever line Netanyahu uses to compel Trump to quit the nuclear deal, the end result is inescapable: Killing the deal will put the USA back on a path to war with Iran and continue the terror war in Islamic world, further accelerating the climatic change . .

This is exactly what Netanyahu has sought for the past twenty-five years.

With Trump in the White House, he finally has not only a readymade meal at White House but also a receptive ear in Trump for his shifting and contradictory arguments to push the USA into yet another war in the Middle East.


USA has steadily lost its international prestige thanks to its support and promotion of Zionist expansionist crimes and it has lost the capacity to mediate between Palestine and Israel that enjoys the US WMD.

Trump can only trumpet the Zionist crimes as his own. .

All these years Zionist got whatever wanted from Washington directly and through the UN. Israel badly wants a war with Iran and it wants the USA to perform it on behalf of Zionism. Trump cannot be expected to be a humanist or genuine statesman. Therefore, whatever line Netanyahu uses to compel aimless Trump to quit the nuclear deal, the end result looks inescapable: Killing the deal will put the USA back on a path to war with Iran. This is exactly what Netanyahu has sought for the past 25 years even as his terrorist military kept on attacking the Palestinians, killing even women and children.

The nuclear agreement with Iran has materially improved not only Europe’s security but also global security. US-Israeli secret terror operations even before their launch of September 11 hoax, killing thousands of innocent people and Israel cannot survive without US terror goods and assistance at UN and international criminal courts. . If he does ultimately decide to undermine the nuclear accord against the advice of global community, though, Trump will have an eager partner in Netanyahu, who is in deep trouble indoors and has repeatedly claimed—contradicting all available intelligence—that Iran is fast-tracking the development of a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu’s only goal in moving aggressively to undermine the Iran nuclear deal is to push the USA to take military action against Iran. Just ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement on September 18 that he will come to a decision on the fate of the Iran nuclear deal “very soon,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned in an interview on CNN that ending such an agreement would carry a high cost for the Super power America. Scrapping the nuclear accord, he concluded, would “yield no results for the United States but at the same time it will generally decrease and cut away and chip away at international trust.”

Rouhani’s comments came just a day prior to the start of the 2017 United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, where Trump met with another ardent opponent of the nuclear accord, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The remarks also came amid a tense back and forth between the USA and Iran, with each nation accusing the other of violating the terms and “the spirit” of the nuclear deal.

Any unilateral U.S. action that jeopardizes the Iran nuclear deal would harm US.-Europe relations, particularly if US nuclear-related sanctions on Iran were resumed

As top opponent of nuclear deal with Iran and seeking to oblige his Jewish son in law, Trump, for his part, has reportedly been working to find any possible justification for abandoning the agreement—efforts critics have characterized as overt and potentially disastrous “sabotage”—despite repeated insistence from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran is complying with the accord.

Critics of the nuclear accord in Israel and USA have been “twisting and turning” in their attempts to undermine the nuclear agreement, arguing in one moment that the deal does not address the “real problem” of Iran’s “territorial expansion”, and in another that Iran’s nuclear program is what constitutes the true “existential threat.”

Netanyahu, the Likud, and their neoconservative allies can rightly claim that the vision they projected for the Middle East in “A Clean Break” is being realized. But, in reality, what they have created is an unsustainable mess that includes: a weakened and dependent PA that was denied the ability to govern causing it to lose legitimacy; a fractured Palestinian polity, with Hamas in control of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza; an Iraq in shambles and in its wake, an empowered and emboldened Iran and a metastasized terrorist threat that now challenges many countries; and a hardened, though divided Israeli electorate from which it is unlikely to see any new peace-oriented leadership emerging.

The reality is Israel causes existential threats to Palestinians and other Arabs as well as Iran.

America is keen to showcase its military prowess and project WMD as a serious threat. Israeli nukes, stolen from USA, have been lying idle for quite some time now while the UN and IAEA do not bother to question the threat being posed by Israeli nukes.

With Trump firmly fixed in the White House that controls entire world, Netanyahu finally has a receptive ear for his shifting and contradictory arguments to push the USA into yet another war in the Middle East/West Asia.


Dr Abdul Ruff

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