Demonetization a surgical strike against India’s poor section: Congress

Srinagar: All India Congress Committee (AICC) spokesperson, Meem Afzal on Thursday said that ‘Demonetization’ is a surgical strike on India’s poor, farmers, labour, shopkeepers, small businesses, middle class and the entire unorganized sector.

“By wiping away 86% of currency in circulation on 8th November, 2016; Prime Minster, Narendra Modi has hit at 99% of honest hardworking Indians, while presumably targeting 1% black money hardeners. India’s ‘wheel of development’ has come to a standstill plunging the entire country in a state of ‘economic anarchy’,” he said, while addressing a press conference at hotel Pamosh here.

He said that    demonetization has turned out to be the biggest scam of independent India.
According to the statement issued to PTK, the AICC spokesperson said that there are many examples demonetization as scam.

Some of the examples are mentioned below;
(i)    Kolkata Unit of BJP was caught depositing Rs.500/Rs.1000 notes running into Rs.3 crore on the

day of demonetisation in A/c No. 554510034. Despite repeated demands, BJP and RSS have not made public details of money deposited between Ist March, 2016 and 8th November, 2016 in its bank accounts across the country.
(ii)  In the run-up to decision of demonetisation, BJP and RSS purchased properties running into hundreds of crores across the country. Congress has released details of 8 properties valuing Rs.3.41 crore in Bihar and 18 properties in Odisha. Actual market value of these properties is much higher. Despite this, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have refused to make public the details of properties purchased by BJP/RSS in last one year. Does it not prove that BJP had advance knowledge of the decision of demonetisation and was converting its black money into assets immediately before demonetisation?
(iii) In September, 2016; bank deposits in scheduled banks saw an additional increase of Rs.5, 88, 600 crore. Out of this, fixed deposits made between Ist Septemberto 15th September, 2016 alone were over Rs.3 lakh crore. Does it not prove advance knowledge of the decision of demonetisationand conversion of money? Modi government has been unable to explain it nor has made public names of everyone, who had deposited Rs.25 lakh or more.
(iv) Shockingly and just before demonetization on 08-09-2016, cash of Rs.3 crore was seized from a Maruti Swift Car bearing Regn. No. HR-26AR-9662 at Indira Puram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The two occupants of the car, Sidharth Shukla and Anoop Aggarwal claimed that the money belonged to them and they were taking it to Lucknow. Ghaziabad City BJP President, Ashok Monga reached the Police Station and certified on a letter pad that the money was being ‘sent by BJP Central Office to BJP State Office in Lucknow’. Will Modi and Amit Shah answer the source as also the reason for transferring the money in stashes of cash just before demonetisation instead of a digital transfer, which they are promoting?
2. As ordinary people languish in bank lines for days together to withdraw their own money, aparallel ‘black market’ flourishes in converting black money into white by charging a commission upto 30% as also sale and trading of new currency notes with the tacit approval of Modi government. Important issue is that role of none of the BJP leaders involved has been investigated.
(a) Amit Shah is a Director of Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank, Ahmedabad. As much as Rs.500 crore were deposited in this bank within 3 days of demonetization. Why has Shri Amit Shah not been investigated?
(b)  BJP Maharashtra Minister, PankajaMunde and her sister & BJP MP, Pritam Munde are owners of Vaidyanath Urban Cooperative Bank. In a raid, a sum of Rs.10 crore in old notes and Rs.10 lakh in the new currency of Rs.2000 were recovered. Why have they not been investigated?
(c)  Mahesh Shah of Ahmedabad, Gujarat made a declaration of Rs.13,860 crore in the voluntary income disclosure scheme. He later resiles. As he was giving a TV interview disclosing names of politicians and bureaucrats, he was taken away by Income Tax authorities. Former Gujarat CM, Sureshbhai Mehta has openly spoken about links of Mahesh Shah with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Why have they not been investigated?
(d)  Ramesh Gowda, an associate of Karnataka BJP leader & former Minister, G. Janardan Reddy, committed suicide and left behind a suicide note stating conversion of Rs.100 crore of black money by the BJP leader.
(e)  Cash worth Rs.91.50 lakh was recovered from the car of BJP Minister for Cooperation, Subhash Desmukh in Maharashtra.
(f)   A number of BJP leaders were caught with stashes of cash. Sanjiv Kamboj, co-Convener of Legal Cell of BJP in Punjab put up photographs on social media with wads of new Rs.2000 currency notes.  Manish Sharma, a BJP leader from West Bengal, close to a Union Minister, was caught with Rs.33 lakh of new currency notes. In Salem, Tamil Nadu; Arun, a BJP Youth Wing leader, was caught with new currency notes worth Rs.20.55 lakh. BJP leader, Sushil Vaswani was raided in Madhya Pradesh and a lot of ill-gotten money was recovered.
Demonetisation – Economic Anarchy and Humungous Problems
1.  50 days of demonetisation have seen tragic deaths of over115 innocent individuals.PM Modi should unconditionally apologize and pay compensation to these families.
2. Modi Government and RBI (now termed as ‘Reverse Bank of India’) have changed the rules 126 times in 50 days. Confusion confounds them completely.
3. Demonetisation decision has led to withdrawal of 86% currency in circulation. As per experts, 1658 crore notes of Rs.500 and 668 crore notes of Rs.1000 i.e. a total of 2326crore notes valuing about Rs.15 lakh crore have been withdrawn. As per printing capacity of the two note printing government companies i.e. ‘Bhartiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited’ and ‘Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited’, it will take eight months to print the equivalent currency notes. How will the position then ease by 30th December, 2016?
4. PM Modi has paralyzed the entire agricultural economy. Rabi crops have taken a severe hit.  Cash crops like tomato and onions have been selling at Re.1/kg and 50 paisa/kg respectively. To top it, Modi government put a unilateral embargo on 370 District Central Cooperative Banks and over 93,000 Agricultural Credit Societies, thereby denying agriculture credit to the farmers.
5.  Small and Medium industries are shutting down with massive job losses. Examples are – Tirupur inTamilnadu; Faridabad in Haryana; Ludhiana in Punjab; Surat in Gujarat; and other small and big industrial hubs. Similar is the case of entire unorganized sector comprising of street vendors, hawkers, carpenters, plumbers, masons, electricians, blacksmiths, cloth merchants, kiryana shop owners, vegetable traders, small traders and shopkeepers. Truth is that the honest cash economy of India, which is the biggest job generator, has been attacked by this unilateral decision of the Modi Government.
6.   Demonetisation has deeply hurt the National income and will lead to a decline in GDP of 2% or more (as per Dr. Manmohan Singh). As per ‘Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy’ (CMIE), loss in first 50 days would be Rs.1,28, 000 crore.
Corruption allegations against Narendra Modi – Sahara & Birla Diaries.
On one hand, demonetisation has hit India’s economy and on the other, PM, Shri Narendra Modi’s credibility is under a cloud in view of documents (attached herewith as Annexures A-1 and A-2) alleging corruption and receipt of black money in Birla and Sahara case.
(a)  Aditya Birla Group
(i)    Income Tax Department raided Aditya Birla Group in Delhi on 15th October, 2013. Cash of Rs.25 crore was found. Laptop of Group Vice-President was seized. An email found in the laptop dated 16th November, 2012 states:
“Gujarat CM – 25 cr (12 Done; rest ?)”
This is not a diary or an initial. We repeat, it is an email describing payment to Gujarat CM.
(ii)  Income Tax authorities, while exercising powers of a civil court under Section 131 of the Income Tax Act, came to a conclusion vide order dated 27.02.2014 that matter needs to be investigated.
(iii) Income Tax Department sought access to the remaining CBI documents seized during the raid. This was granted to Income Tax Department by the Supreme Court vide orders dated 25th July, 2014 after Modi Government came to power.
(iv) Why has this issue not been investigated by Income Tax Department and CBI over last 2½ years of Modi Government? Is it only because there is direct allegation of corruption against “Gujarat CM”, who in the interim period has become Prime Minister of India?
(b)   Sahara Group
(i)    There is a second equally grave issue of corruption: Income Tax Department raided Sahara Group on 22nd November, 2014, six months after Modi Government took office.
(ii)  Documents seized by Income Tax Department, state cash payments to “Modi” 9 times over six months totaling Rs.40.1 cr. This document dated 22nd November, 2014 is duly signed by Income Tax authorities and witnesses. The entries contained therein date wise are:
1. Modi           30 October 2013              2.5 cr
2. Modi          12 November 2013                  5.1 cr
3. Modi           27 November 2013                  2.5 cr
4. Modi       29 November 2013                  5 cr
5. Modi           06 December 2013                   5 cr
6. Modi           19 December 2013                   5 cr
7. Modi           13 January 2014               5 cr
8. Modi           28 January 2014               5 cr
9. Modi           22 February 2014           5 cr
Is Modi and BJP ready for an independent probe into both these serious issues of corruption?
Compensation for loss suffered by Demonetisation – Demands of Congress Party
Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi and Congress Party have demanded that immense loss caused by demonetisation must be recouped forthwith by the government. Following are the five demands:-
1.  That all restrictions on withdrawal of money be lifted with immediate effect. Till the time these restrictions are in place, a special interest at the rate of 18% per annum should be given to all bank account holders. We demand that all charges on digital transactions should be abolished forthwith.
2.  That the rate of rations distributed under the PDS system should be halved for the period of a year under the provisions of the Food Security Act. In addition, a special one-time bonus of 20% should be provided over and above the MSP of all Rabi crops.
3.  That Rs.25,000 should be deposited in the account of at least one woman belonging to each BPL family as compensation for the immense suffering caused to women due to demonetization.
4.   That the number of guaranteed work days and the wage rate under MGNREGA should be doubled for a period of one year. The government should organize a special drive to identify and register all those who have lost their jobs since November 8, 2016, and provide them compensation at the applicable minimum wage rate for a time period extending upto 31stMarch, 2017.
5.  An Income Tax and Sales tax rebate of 50% should be given to small shopkeepers and businesses. The Central government should compensate the State governments for the loss of revenue incurred on account of this exemption. (PTK)

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