Delay in the recruitment of AP posts in higher education

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) had advertised the posts for the recruitment of Assistant professors for the Higher Education Department in 2013 under the Notification No: 09-PSC (DR-P) of 2013 Dated : 23 .05. 2013. Eligibility for the said posts was set as MA with SET or NET or PhD in the relevant subject. However, the M Phil candidates moved to court seeking to be entertained as eligible candidates. Since UGC had earlier removed M Phil as the eligibility for Assistant professor posts; JKPSC, in order to resolve the problem, changed the SRO of the recruitment and re-advertised the same posts in 2014 under Notification No: 12-PSC (DR-P) OF 2 0 1 4 Dated: 29 .05. 2014, exactly one year after the first notification. Now, the eligibility for the said posts was set according to the UGC norms: MA with SET or NET in the relevant subject. However the candidates who had completed their PhD according to the UGC Minimum Standard Procedures (MSP) 2009 were exempted from NET/SET.
In this regard the Supreme Court, after many cases from various Indian states were filed there, on March 16 2015 observed all lecturers in universities/colleges/institutions governed by the UGC Act should follow the said UGC norms. Thus, cementing the UGC eligibility norms.
To make the selection process fair JKPSC asked the (non-SET/NET) eligible PhD candidates to furnish the Minimum Standard Procedures (MSP) 2009. Moreover, to be on the safer side, JKPSC further asked them to submit a certificate regarding the Date of Registration of PhD, and a certificate regarding the Date of Implementation of MSP-2009 by the concerned university.
Interviews in five subjects were held in the second week of January. Usually, JKPSC publishes the results within few days, but it has been more than a month and the results are yet to be declared. Moreover, the commission has further stopped the interview process in other subjects.
The reason for the delay and postponement of the recruiting process was the row between the Jammu University and the Kashmir University and JKPSC. Earlier Jammu university and Kashmir university issued the MSP 2009 certificates in December but soon afterwards cancelled all issued certificates on the assurance that MSP certificates will be reissued anew after proper verification and understanding. Afterwards the two universities indulged in negotiations and deliberations with the JKPSC seeking a change in its rules and MSP certificate demands. Bound by UGC guidelines and Supreme Court ruling, JKPSC refused to comply with the two state universities. The two universities then approached UGC for a modification, however, were directed by the UGC to issue the certificates as demanded by the JKPSC. Taking a surprising twist, the two universities, instead of fulfilling the necessary requirement, have now advised a postponement of the requirement process by the JKPSC until a UGC appointed Nigavekar Committee furnishes its report in the hope that the committee might suggest a relaxation in the MSP certificate requirements for the future. Thus the universities again defied to comply with JKPSC notification dated 4/02/2016 which finalized the 15 of February as the last date for furnishing of MSP certificates for the PhD candidates by denying the MSP certificate to the PhD applicants on time.

Speaking to our correspondent the NET SET aspirants of JKPSC Assistant Professor Posts complained that the demand for postponement is unjust and illegal. “We don’t know as to what might be suggested by the review committee. Secondly we don’t know the exact date when UGC decides to change the criteria if at all they do so, it might take years together. More importantly, it will be illegal on part of JKPSC to change the eligibility criteria in the midst of selection process”, the candidate complained.

“Besides PhD scholars from the two state universities, there are candidates who have done their PhDs from other state universities like Babha Gulam Shah University, Islamic University, Mata Vishnodevi University; and from the Central Universities in the state, Central University of Kashmir & Central University of Jammu. All these universities have no problem with the UGC rule, why should Kashmir University & Jammu University object. State subjects who have earned their PhDs from other universities all over India, like JNU, JMI AMU, BHU, DU, Hydrabad Central University, Pondicherry Central University etc are also applying for the said posts and many of them have furnished the MSP -2009 certificates for their eligibility. Why should we let the two state universities to dictate the terms to JKPSC and hijack the recruitment process” the aspirants remarked. Demanding a firm stand from JKPSC, the candidates asked “How is it justified for the universities to be allowed to pressurize PSC in the midst of the recruitment process when both the universities have failed to convince the UGC?”

It is to be noted that both Jammu and Kashmir University are also bound by UGC and Supreme Court directions in recruitments done by the universities. “Amendments made by UGC in their guidelines are taken non-seriously by the state universities. It is shocking to see that despite having received an A++ grade from UGC NAAC, our Kashmir University plays with the carrier of thousands of its scholars and PSC aspirants likewise. Many aspirants crossed the overage limit during the prolonged delay in the recruitment process in question and were prevented from applying afresh in the second re-advertised notification. If the said posts are re-advertised after further delay, many more aspirants would be made to suffer unjustly” the aspirants complained.
The aspirants have further appealed to the Governor of the state to help JKPSC, an autonomous body, to follow the rules and regulations set by UGC and the Supreme Court, and not to get pressurised by the KU and JU.

2 comments on “Delay in the recruitment of AP posts in higher education

  • February 15, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    JKPSC must not resort to procrastination but to publish the selection list on priority basis.

  • February 15, 2016 at 8:13 am

    Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission should not let the two universities interfere in its recruitment processes. If they wanted a change in eligibility criteria, they should have sorted it out earlier with UGC before the advertisement of the posts.


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