Culprits of Zanib and Asifa must burn alive

Sunaina Malik (Rajouri)
       It is a matter of profound distress that the brutal crime of child abuse is mounting day by day in our  society.  The most recent and brutal incidents which have shaken the very soul of humanity are, one of Zainab of Pakistan and second of Asifa of Kathua (Jammu).  Mere slogans against the culprits cannot correct the crime committed by those beasts. if Govt. and our judiciary are so serious to end this crime then both of them order burning of criminal of our innocent before public at large so that no body could ever think of committing such crime in future. Govt has to leave its dubious  policy of condemning crime at one hand and hiding culprit behind bars on other hand.   To award jail to culprit is not enough a punishment of inhumane act committed by culprit. Here I can go up to the extend of saying that it is much better to kill a daughter in womb them to make her fall a prey of these beast in the skin of human being.

        Our India was a society which was once praised for her compassion, ethnicity and traditions has now turned into a crime prone society. A society where 8 cases of child abuse are reported every day. India has achieved No. 1 rank in crime of child abuse. According to statement of released by Loius Georges (UNICEF representative of Indian state) it is alarming that one in three rape victims is a child. More than 7200 children are raped every year. Amid numerous Indian states Kerala toped by representing 70% child abuse cases. To your revelation child abuse cases have increased by 417 % from last year. In addition to this, as per the survey conducted by Indian Govt. in 2007 where 125000 children of 13 different states of India were interviewed, 53% of them said that they have been subjected to one or more form of sexual abuse. Out of them 57% were boys.

As per the records, the crime of child abuse is commonly committed by the persons known to child like neighbors, family members, maternal and paternal uncles and people living in same colony like shop keepers, peons and daily visitors of one’s home. The relations on which we were taught to believe are now turned into criminals or perpetrators. There was a time when trust over the relations was the soul of human dwellings but today the emotion of trust has completed faded from our society due to the breech of trust by relation like father, teachers, guardians and even loyal servants. Irony to our crime prone society is that our mothers are living in an ambiance full of anxiety and trauma. It is very hard for family to pass that time when their children are away from home. Every moment a mother feels the hands of criminal approaching towards her child in school, tuition center, play ground and market. Crime on our innocent children has bowed down the head of humanity and raised innumerable quarries over the courteousness of our society. It is very intricate to nourish a healthy progeny in such a kind of society.

After sensing the gravity of situation following are the points which can help us in saving our flowers from getting blemished.

(1) In this alarming type of situation, the responsibility of saving the plantlets of our future progeny fall heavily on our mothers. They must never leave their children at the mercy of servants, neighbors or any male relative. Child may be boy or girl.

(2) Ensure regular monitoring of your child in school or tuition centers.

(3)Accompany your child during playing hours because play grounds, parks or any such places remain over crowded with criminals in the face of acquaintances.

(4) Don’t force your child to go alone for some shopping because children are weak and innocent and easily fall a prey to criminals. Criminal can easily kidnap a lonely child.

(5) Don’t leave your child for night stay at your neighbor’s house.

(6)Monitor your child during family functions and festival celebrations. It is during these occasions that impostures try to take benefit of our innocents.

(7) Develop friendly relations with your children so that they may easily disclose any unusual happening happened with them in schools, tuition centers or any such place.

(8) Give full awareness about happening of crimes to your child.

(9) Make your child aware about apprehension of danger in the society.

(10) Prohibit your child from accepting any eatable like ice-cream, chocolate. Cold drink or any sweet from any alien. Criminal usually use these things to lure any innocent and later on fulfill their illicit and sham full aims.

(11) Train your child to be very vigilant in situations of criminal assail on him or her or on any of his friends. They must be very vigorous in saving their self or their friends from criminals. Every child must be trained enough to complain any unusual happening to police station or to his or her elders.

(12) Spread the awareness of safeguarding one’s child among uneducated section of your locality and your city like servants working in your homes, laborer’s families and people living in slums because your small effort can save a naïve from getting spoiled for ever.

(13) last but not the least strong law against child abuse is the only thing that can create fear amid the culprits other wise feeble punishment can never bar the beast to commit this henous act.

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