Chinese troops enter India, destroy unused bunkers in Leh

Chinese troops enter India, destroy unused bunkers in Leh

By Ishfaq-ul-Hassan &#124 Place: Srinagar &#124 Agency: DNA

Chinese troops reportedly entered into Indian territory and destroyed several unused bunkers in Chumar area of Leh last month.

This is the same area where Chinese troops had left the telltales of their incursion in 2009.

Chinese army had painted the rocks red and left some empty food cans signaling the incursion in the area.

However, one report suggest that Chinese troops came into the Chumar area in helicopters and destroyed some unused bunkers before fleeing back to their area.

Another report said the troops landed in Chinese territory and then crossed the line of actual control destroying the bunkers.

Sources said the incursion was detected by the paramilitary group which is located 40 kilometres away from the site which informed the higher-ups.

“It could be the perception. No body from the civilian has seen it. It is the defence personal who are posted on the borders who could better tell you”, said T Angchok, district commissioner of Leh.

Defence sources however are denying that any incursions have taken place. They also rubbished the claims of helicopter landing or destruction of the unused bunkers.

“No Chinese helicopter has landed in our territory so there is no question of destroying the bunkers”, said Lieutenant Colonel Rajesh Kalia, defence spokesman at Northern Command.

Last year the Chinese army forced Jammu and Kashmir government to suspend the developmental work on the Sino-Indo border in Demchok area in Leh district of Ladakh region.

Jammu and Kashmir government was building passenger sheds for the people living in this area in September-October when People’s Liberation Army of China troops entered into this side and asked the men to stop the work reasoning that is a disputed territory.

Fearing tension, the government decided to stop work and reported the matter to the army which is guarding the Line of Actual Control with China in Ladakh.

This was the second time that any developmental work has been abandoned on Ladakh under Chinese pressure. Earlier a road project was abandoned by the J&K government after Chinese army objected it its construction.

Of late Chinese army has been intruding into the Indian Territory at will. Some time back Chinese troops crossed the border and threatened the nomads who were grazing their cattle near the border. Later they again intruded and left after inscribing some sentences on the rocks on Indian side.

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