By banning media & arresting people is murder of democracy: Vakil

Srinagar: Former minister Mr. Abdul Gani Vakil today condemned the banning the publication of newspapers in Kashmir valley and said this kind of situation occurs when there is emergency like situation in the country or the state. He said these steps of government shows that the present government in state as well as in center has completely failed to win hearts of people. It is the government who has created emergency like situation by arresting people during raids to places where the newspapers are being published he demanded immediate release of these people as this is complete murder of democracy. He also expressed concern over completely shutting down the mobile and Internet services in the Kashmir valley. These steps are not going to resolve Kashmir problem instead this will aggravate the situation as people remain unaware of the situation of their loved ones Vakil added.

Mr. Vakil also said government is not taking any steps to bring the situation to normalcy they should understand by banning newspapers shutting down internet and mobile services are not going to help to resolve the issue instead steps should be taken to win Hearts and minds of people.

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