Brutalising Kashmiris prove Indian Army is a rogue terrorists group: DeM


‘Peace was disturbed when Indian army set foot here in 1947’


Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Monday termed the latest statement by Indian Army chief, Bipin Rawat, that “Indian forces are in Kashmir to establish peace” as a joke and said that it is the very presence of this rogue army that there is disturbance not only in Kashmir but across South Asia.

In a statement, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said beginning of disturbance to the peace and violence in Kashmir was when Indian forces set foot on this part of the world in 1947.

“As long as the Indian army continues to illegally occupy Jammu and Kashmir, peace in not possible in the Kashmir or in the sub-continent,” she added.

She said that to the Kashmiris, the Mujahideen are their brothers and freedom fighters and the rogue Indian army was a terrorist army. “You (Indians) call our Mujahideen ‘terrorists’ but we know that they are our brothers fighting to end the illegal occupation and end the misery of people. They are fighting because Indian forces have illegally occupied our homes, what does India expect. Do they think that we should sit inside our homes and do nothing while India extends its illegal occupations,” she added.

“ There is and there will be resistance. Mujahideen will resist it, stone throwing youth will resist it, and peaceful protestors will resist this illegal occupation. There will be resistance be each and every one in Kashmir,” she added
She said that India and its forces must also understand that they aren’t just against the Mujahideen, resistance leaders and few organisations but they are up against the whole Kashmiri nation. “Every person of this nation hates you and will resist your illegal stay here. It is high time that India acknowledges that it is unaccepted here and leaves Kashmir for its own good,” she added.

“Indian forces are at direct war with people because they have occupied our home and have killed lakhs of our people. This is a peoples’ movement and it will continue till an end to Indian illegal occupation,” she added.

“It is a joke when an army man claims that Indian forces are here to establish peace when it is the same army which is here only to oppress and kill the Kashmiris and help India extend its illegal Indian occupation,” she added.

She said that no in Kashmir recognizes army’s role in peacemaking as “your (army’s) role so far has been only to kill, maim, torture and unleash brutalities on innocent Kashmiris.”  “Everyone in Kashmir hates the Indian forces. These forces come out of this misunderstanding that they are here to maintain peace. The only role they have in Kashmir is to brutalise Kashmiris,” she added.

“That is why Kashmir is the most militarized zone in the world,” she added.

Nasreen further termed the encounter in Rampur sector of LoC as fake saying that two very old persons, termed Mujahideen by army, were burried in Uri. “Reports clearly indicated that one among the two persons was an octogenarian while another was 70-year-old. This seems yet another fake encounter as these two old men have been picked up from somewhere nad killed in cold-blood in Rampur,” she said.

“This is yet another example of the kind of ‘peace’ Indian forces establish in Kashmir. Making claims about establishing peace is not only a joke but height of shamelessness,” she added.

Meanwhile, Dukhtaran-e-Millat also paid lowing tributes two Mujahideen including Shaheed Sabzar Ahmad Bhat, Shaheed Faizan Muzaffar Bhat and a civilian Shaheed Aqib Ahmad.

A DeM spokesperson said that despite harsh curbs on the movement of people, a delegation led by the DeM incharge of south Kashmir and paid tributes the martyrs.

The delegation said that despite being completely cut off , lakhs of people are reaching Tral town to express their love and to pay homage to these great heroes of the nation. “ Shaheed Sabzar was a pious and brave Mujahid while Shaheed Faizan was a very young Mujahid who fouht bravely against these coward forces. Aqib, who was a Hafiz-e-Qura’an, trued to attend the funeral of these heroes but was martyred while he was on way to Tral,” the spokesperson said.

She said that despite curbs and restrictions imposed by the coward Indian forces, a sea of people has reached Tral and paid tributes to the martyrs. “ This is because these heroes are in our hearts. Today the whole Tral is in mourning and people from every nook and crony of Kashmir are going there to express sympathies and solidarity with Tral,” she added.

“These occupying cannot stop people from expressing their love for the Mujahideen. As soon as the news about the martyrdom of Sabzar and Faizan came in, people from all parts of the valley rushed there. The forces used forces, killed innocents, injured hundreds but couldn’t stop people from joining the funeral of these heroes,” she added.

She said that the forces should consider it as their defeat that de4spite so much force and oppression, they couldn’t stop people from joining the funeral of the Mujahideen.


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