Braid Chopping in Kashmir: DeM flays police for Lie Detection, Narco Tests proposed for victims

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Saturday flayed the police and the puppet authorities for suggesting that the braid chopping victims will have to undergo Lie Detection and Narco Analysis tests.
In a statement, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said that the police rather than acting against the braid choppers, it has now suggested conducting these tests on the victims to harass and victimize them even further.

“When the Narco test is conducted, the persons or the criminals undergoing this test have to go through many difficult stages. Conducting it on the braid chopping victims is a worst example of Indian oppression in Kashmir. How could these puppets make a victim suffer by conducting this difficult test on her?” she questioned.

“ It only expose the hand of Indian agencies that is why the victims are being subjected to this kind of harassment and subjugation,” she added.

She said that rather than harassing the victims, the police should conduct Narco tests on the persons who are caught. “We won’t let the police to interrogate and torture the victims,” she added.
She further urged people to remain united in these difficult times and also asked them not to cooperate with police. “ Police wants to build goodwill among people as Kashmiris know that this force is an instrument of brutal Indian occupation. We also know that Mujahideen are our wellwishers and police is our enemy. This is the reason that they want to come close to people. In such situations we shouldn’t cooperate with this force. We should rather with  support of our elders go to media and expose these sinister policies,” she added.
Nasreen said that DeM, in the beginning of these incidents, went to several places of incidence and concluded that it is the handiwork of Indian agencies. “ We have said it in the beginning that wherever this braid chopping incident takes places, the perpetrators flee in such a manner that no ordinary person or a criminal can,” she added.
“The way these persons disappear, it only suggests that these are well trained persons and also whenever this incident happens, army cordons off the whole area within minutes. It was also seen that when some perpetrators were caught by people, Indian forces came and rescued them at several places,” she added
She further said that this is yet another plot by India to continue its illegal occupation in Kashmir. “ India has been trying such sinister tactics since 1947. We remember the incidents of ‘Ghosts’ in 1990’s or the killing of Sikhs in Chattisinghpora, or when in 1971, JanSangh members used to threaten people or many other such plots. India does all this to continue its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir,” she added.
“So these braid chopping incidents are also handiwork of Indian agencies,” she added.
She said that Indian forces and JKP always maintain that they have the information about presence of Mujahideen at any place. “ How is it possible then that these agencies don’t have any info about these braid choppers. The reality is that it is these agencies, the forces and the JKP who has deputed men to perpetrate such acts,” she added.
She said that in Ganderbal, a policeman was caught wearing informal dress under which he was wearing the police uniform.” The policeman was caught and when his informal clothing was removed, he was wearing a police uniform. One cannot deny he had been deputed there for the purpose of braid chopping,” she added.

She said that the aim of such sinister tactics is actually block the movement of the Mujahideen and also to harass and scare the people of Kashmir. “India has been doing such things in the past and has failed and will fail in the future as well,” she said.
Nasreen while lauding the bravery of the woman who caught the policeman in Ganderbal urged other women across Kashmir to show similar bravery and fail such plots. “ But in all this, my sisters should remember that whenever a braid chopper or an informer is caught, you shouldn’t beat him/her as it gives the police a chance to file a case against you people,” she added.
“Instead, the person who is caught should be handed over to media so that the lies of these Indian agencies, the puppet authorities and the police are exposed,” she added.
Meanwhile, Nasreen paid glowing tributes to the Mujahideen, Shaheed Nasir Sahab and Shaheed Waseem Sahab who were martyred in a gunfight in Pulwama.
She further said that despite plots like braid chopping, India and its puppets had to face humiliation in Litter Pulwama when people came in thousands to save their beloved Mujahideen and a civilian  Gulzar ahmed was also martyred. “It was a tight slap on Indian authorities that despite threats or intimidating incidents like braid chopping and all, people once again came out in thousands and expressed their love for the Mujahideen. Kashmiris will shed their blood but won’t budge before the India, or its brutal forces or their sinister policies,  ” she added .

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