Abdul Hamid Mir

Few years back a Cabinet Minister was stripped of his portfolio over his involvement of illegal favours to his dear son through BOSE, sensing non seriousness of the establishment in dealing with such mismanagement, another exam gate (fraud) surfaced; thanks to healthy investigative journalism (of Greater Kashmir). Since corruption (both moral and monetary) has crossed all limits in JK, there is a need to search for an out-of-box solution to this and similar problems. Who will punish the guilty? Let’s wait and watch how long it will take for the stake holders to wind up the case and for media to develop ‘fatigue’!

When a system is engulfed by rot, it is removed rather than finding corrective measures because decomposed stuff can not be renewed back afresh. By the time, ‘Go over n(o) me(a)nt’ finds a remedy, I think, at the initial stage, the task of holding competitive examinations should be assigned to the respective department/institution rather than concentrating it in a single institution which makes it vulnerable to opaqueness instead of transparency. Decentralisation may ensure fairness in the mechanism to a large extent. The entrance to professional courses (MBBS, MD, BDS etc.) should be conducted by the institution in which the admission is offered. BoPEE should be dissolved and its employees should be inducted into some department wherein there is dearth of manpower.

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