• By Naveed Para & Majid Majaz.

In between Atoot Ang and Jugular vein kashmiri youth is struggling to bloom in this upcoming pleasant spring, because of the fears which he has experience in past springs. His mental agony has reached to such a level where even this attractive spring of the paradise is not able to attract him anymore. The fear of pellets and bullets is forcing a young Kashmiri to tremor in this blooming spring, which has a worldwide attraction. The singing of birds, almond blooms and dew drops on the paradise no longer makes him happy.

The so called welfare state has lost its moral authority. Where the welfare state is duty bound to protect its subjects from cradle to grave, has failed post Burhan phenomenon miserably on all fronts. Violence has attracted the subjects more than the claimed policies and promises of government. Time for government to introspect?

                       “Bapaar yeti gove khoonas, dhaaras ladith yeti insaan,

                                ma booz kasni kitah reshwari ander moud”

The welfare state which survives on PSA, illegal detentions, corruption, nepotism and malpractices has no legitimate authority to survive. The north pole- south pole alliance cemented years back has further alienated the youth from mainstream because the Bajpa government at centre is believed to have communal tagline. At this juncture the green pigment in alliance is fading its colour day by day. As where the season is favouring towards green to be greener, the green pigment in alliance is even counter parallel to this natural phenomenon.

             In the state of accountabilities wherein every aspect is checked, rechecked and scrutinized, still we are leading in corruption, leaving behind most corruptive regimes in the history of Kashmir. Corruption present days cooperation, dishonesty seems to be the eligibility criteria for rank up promotions in state functionaries.

Master Zinda Koul famous kashmiri poet rightly quotes…

“ nakar gamuth nagar soun basnas ni layak rudhmuth,

                            lootas ti hawasas beajwath manzbagh miskeen moudmuth,

chalha ti bai yemhi ni uour kar naiyee tarakh na apoor, kar naiyee tarakh na apoor ”

In this paramount chaos and confusion, welfare state has come up with a bizarre notification regarding guest control at marriage and other functions. I wander how a state which is known for promoting and preserving cultural and hospitable character is putting limitations on its hospitality and kashmiriyat. 
Restricting the number of dishes in wazwaan or any other domain which has a bearing on economic aspect of State and social life is valid argument, but restricting number of invitees to marriage and other functions is against cultural ethos of State of J&K.  Its violative of Article 19 (1) b of Indian constitution and makes it visible that government is not using it grey matter properly before issuing such notifications. At this point of time it become worthwhile to mention Sorabjee J. & Arvind P Datar in “The courtroom Genius” that “we legislate first and think afterwards; complexity is heaped upon complexity, And confusion becomes worse confounded”.

Better issue would have be restricting the number of vehicles escorting any minister, MLA, MLC or any other high rank officer of State, which obviously puts huge burden on state exchequer and also puts in trouble the common subjects of the state. Despite concentrating on “ristaas” and “gushtabas” of people, they should concentrate on the duties assigned to them, on which they are miserably failing each passing day. Therefore it is responsibility of the welfare state to provide breathing space so that subjects would bloom where they are planted.

For the survival of distinct identity (kashmiriyat blended with Article 370), state despite focusing on promotion of nepotism, should focus on deescalating the violent thoughts arouse in the minds of its young subjects, which if not taken care of at the earliest, can be detrimental to the grain of kashmiriyat.

Naveed Para # LLM student at School of legal studies, CuK.

Majid Majaz  # MBA Tourism,KU.

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