Somewhere in South Asia, there was a famous verdant valley named Mossy Valley, which was inhabited by cattle, sheep & fowl. The scent of its roses & colour of its flowers, the whizz of its morning breeze, the evening chorus of its chirping birds returning to their nests, the cologne drops on its dewy blossoms, the mind-refreshing babbling streams with a beginning in sky-talking glaciers, the tittering fairies hovering over its salubrious cool lakes, flowery meadows & grassy pastures, as if ornaments of a stunning bride, presented the Mossy Valley like paradise on the earth. It was located in between two ranges of mountains. Behind the mountain chain of its North was expanse valley of black wolves, while a brave clan of ranchers, herdsmen & poultrymen lived behind its Southern alps. The inhabitants of the Mossy Valley had chosen Jakh, a very shrewd & cunning, broad & tall, jackal, as the one to lead them decisively through thick & thin. Jakh controlled their ‘brains’ by his melodious voices he had the ability to produce by imitating the heavenly birds, often, flying over the Mossy Valley, to enrapture them—listening bewitched crowd of cattle, sheep & fowl. Dardah & Khakah were two famous mounds of the Mossy Valley which the duplicitous Jakh used to climb up for delivering his devilish sermons to his credulous followers like a crafty politician.

The black wolves were led by Hehru, outwardly soft howling white wolf, but very black inside. Jakh had intimate friendship with Hehru. He had promised gifting him the Mossy Valley along with its inhabitants as a lifelong token of their satanic friendship.

As slaves of their own ignorance about the reality of Jakh that he was basically one of the black wolves own “family”, and his created picture about the clansmen behind the Southern alps, to whom they were, but, like their own loved pets, the residents of the Mossy Valley began stupidly believing in everything that would come out of the big mouth of Jakh, while lecturing them from Dardah & Khakah.

The cattle, sheep & fowl, then, started hearing the disturbing sharp yelling voices from across the Northern mountainous range in the calmness of moonlit nights of the Mossy Valley. The screams of pain came from meek & weak docile animals like deer, stages, rabbits & cats of that mountain chain as the black wolves had started brutally devouring them in tens of thousands. The black wolves were on a killing spree. Now was the turn of the inhabitants of the Mossy Valley to become food for hungry black wolves. However, they dared not rush into it as the cowards were deterred by, & scared of, the clansmen from its Southern side.

When the inhabitants of the Mossy Valley reported hearing of unending threatening voices from the Northern side to Jakh, he would cunningly howl loudly & ask them if it were like those voices of his. Shaking their heads up & down, like deaf & dumb driven cattle, sheep & fowl, they would say: “yes…yes……., our guardian Jakh”. He would tell them that it was he howling at moonlit nights because he liked & enjoyed it, assuring them of no cause for fearing about the dreadful voices.

But the black wolves’ monstrous howling increased, so increased the agonizing cries of the victims. It smashed the silence of the Mossy Valley. The targets ran for safety towards the safer locations of clansmen but, in the midway, the chasing & haunting black wolves crushed them to death. The pain of the victims was felt & heard by the clansmen behind the alps. Knowing well how savagely the black wolves had already been swooping on their prey behind Northern side of the Mossy Valley, the clansmen got the news that the black wolves were now preparing for a murderous onslaught on the inhabitants of the Mossy Valley, worrying them more about their safety as they had completely gauged the evil designs of their leader, Hehru, the white wolf. They started sharpening their axes, knives & swords to come to the rescue of, and protect & safeguard the cattle, sheep & fowl against the black wolves’ sinister pre-preparedness behind the Northern Mountains for grabbing their Mossy Valley & tearing them apart.

Many confusing threatening voices heard from all sides caused panic among the dwellers of the Mossy Valley. They approached Jakh for solution & protection. Jakh jumping on Dardah & Khakah where they had assembled around for the saviour’s speech told them that it were the bloody clansmen from the Southern side sharpening the blades of their weapons that caused horrible thundering sounds & that the clan-beasts held dangerous weapons in their hands, and were just ready to strike & devour the residents of the Mossy Valley. Frightened by Jakh’s “hoax” revelations, they trusted him for protection against imminent danger of being wiped out in clan-beasts’ invasion. He assured them that he was going to defend them against murderous assault of horrendous clansmen, like a lion. But, behind the mountain, he, by his trickery & howling voices was inviting the black wolves to come faster to the Mossy Valley as “their saviours” before the clansmen would step in.

Under the pre-planning of the plot between Jakh & Hehru, the black wolves entered the land of the Mossy Valley with sheepy smiles on their wolfy faces. Jakh with active collaboration & consultation of his dozen quisling friends, foxes, led the black wolves’ pack after pack everywhere in the Mossy Valley. The inhabitants were seen cheering & welcoming their entry in their Mossy Valley as their “saviours” against the “criminal gangs” of the clansmen, epithet attached by Jakh to them, many of whom, who had already stepped inside the Mossy Valley to rescue them out, were trapped & killed by Jakh’s “saviours”—-the black wolves. Some bulls, sheep, geese & cocks, who followed & loved Jakh more than themselves, informed the black wolves about the presence of some clansmen hiding & got them ripped apart by them, wherever they found them. The black wolves now had got the territory to stay on for their further onslaught. Although Jakh told the inhabitants that the wolves would soon return to their territory after the clansmen’s murderous invasion on their land was over & averted, they never displayed any intention of going back. When inhabitants of the Mossy Valley raised voice against it, the black wolves began pounding on them. Thus, killing of poor helpless and hapless cattle, sheep & fowl began at the will of the black wolves that turned the Mossy Valley red with their blood, its pristine beauty was changed to threatening ghosts of garrisons of the black wolves’ packs everywhere, its flora smelt explosives & its water tasted salty with tears of its residents. It become a graveyard of their own blunders. Before the survivors among them would ask Jakh why he had breached their trust, his body lay lakeside near Dardah. There was none to answer but only their own blind faith in Jakh. Blind faith blinds the faithful.

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