Back of terrorists broken: Analysts

Back of terrorists broken: Analysts

Say terrorism will be eliminated at all costs

Islamabad: Twenty-five people were killed and 28 others injured in a suicide bomb explosion at NADRA office Mardan on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, Advisor to Prime Minister Engineer Ameer Muqam said: “After a long time the people of Pakistan once again faced brutality of terrorists in Mardan. The killing of innocent people shows the anxiety and restlessness of coward terrorists. The terrorists are the enemies of the whole nation and they want to destroy the peace of our country. The security forces are doing their job in quite good manner and eliminating the terrorism from tribal areas as well as from cities by conducting intelligence based targeted operations. Every person should show seriousness and indentify suspicious elements that are living around them.”

Advisor to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mushtaq Ghani said: “We don’t consider today’s incident as intelligence failure of law and enforcement agencies. The security forces are fully engaged in the province to maintain law and order situation.

Above one thousand FIRs have been registered, check posts have been established and regular search operations have been carried out by the security forces to curb the terrorists. Total 26 causalities have been reported so far in today’s attack and several are injured. Chief Minister KPK is personally present in Mardan and over viewing the rescue operation and the government will also announce compensation for died and injured persons.”

Senior analyst Dr. Zahid Anwar said: “The terrorists have no religion and they are just killers who kill the innocent people. Today’s incident once again proved that the terrorists are lost the war and now they are targeting the people inside the cities. Pakistan is fighting as frontline state from last many years and paid huge sacrifices to save the world. The international community should realize our efforts and give support to eliminate the terrorism from the country. Our civil and military leadership is on same page and committed to root out the terrorism from the country.”

Senior analyst Dr. A.Z Hilali said: “The Mardan incident is quite unfortunate and we are with our brothers in this hard time. Pakistan Army is fully engaged against terrorists in entire country and today’s attack is a move to divert the attention of security forces. The whole nation is united against the terrorism and fully supporting the ongoing operation against terrorism in the country. The terrorist will not become successful in their nefarious aims which are to create unrest in the society and created law and order situation in the country. The terrorists want to demoralize our security forces and want to spread threat in general public by targeting innocent people in the cities. The civilian and military leadership is on same page and will eliminate terrorism with the help of Pakistani nation.”

Federal Minister, SAFFRON Abdul Qadir Baloch said: “The law and enforcement agencies are doing their job in a professional manner. I am not in position to comment on the statement of Prime Minister, which he delivered in Karachi yesterday. Pakistan Peoples Party is trying to pressurize the government but we are with our nation and forces who are giving their lives to protect the masses. The maintenance of law and order situation is only possible through the implementation on National Action Plan (NAP) in letter and spirit. We are due to this country and with this country we are nothing.”

State Minister for Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar said: “Our nation has become united after the attack on the army public school Peshawar against the terrorists. Our forces have paid huge sacrifices in this war and rendered their lives for the cause of the restoration of peace in the country. We will not leave this operation incomplete and will complete this with the help of nation and security forces. The international community is appreciating the operation Zarb-e-Azb. We are also hopeful that the visit of Narendra Modi will also contribute in peacemaking in Pakistan.”

PML-N leader Senator Lt. General (R) Abdul Qayum said: “The peace in Karachi is due to successful operation of security forces and we need to further extend this operation to maintain peace in Balochistan and KPK. Pakistan Peoples party should revisit its policy because our forces have done more successful operation as compare to NATO forces. We need to leave our personal agendas to promote national agenda of development and peace. Today, once again the terrorist tries to hit our solidarity but we will tell them that we are united and ready to face any problem.”

PML-N leader Senator Mushaid Ullah said: “Rangers is present in Karachi from last many years but government could not take its services to maintain peace in the commercial hub of the country. The sustainable peace is quite essential for the continuity of commercial activities in our country. The rangers in Karachi have reduced the extortion, target killings and china cutting. If we minimize the powers of the rangers than it means that we give the control of the city in the hands of criminals once again.”

PML-N leader Iqbal Zafar Jhagra said: “Those who want to reduce the powers of the rangers should think about the national interest. Ranger is deployed in Karachi to restore peace in the city and we will not minimize or finish their power till the complete restoration of peace. This operation is not against any specific party or group. This operation is against the terrorists and criminals and it will continue till the elimination of last terrorist and criminal.”

Senior analyst Dr. Talat Wazarat said: “Pakistan army has done a great job and almost curbed the terrorism by lunching successful operations in North Waziristan and Khyber agencies and in Karachi. The law and order situation of the country has improved due to these operations. People are living in a relatively peaceful environment due to Karachi operation and the crime rate has been reduced in result of this operation. Present government is fully committed to root out the terrorism from the country and announced that the operation against the terrorism will continue till the elimination of last terrorist.”

Defence analyst Brigadier Syed Ghazanfar Ali said: “After the brutal attack on Army Public School Peshawar, the Pakistan Army has initiated a comprehensive plan to eliminate the terrorists. This operation has improved law and order situation in the country. Our security forces has cleared around ninety percent area of North Waziristan, which was being used by terrorists as base camp in past. Some foreign elements are also involved in creating law and order problems in the country. These countries want to destabilize the Pakistan to stop its progress and development. This operation should be concluded otherwise the terrorists will once again become united and functional in the country and ultimately the masses will suffer.”

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