Back of terrorists broken: Analysts

Say law and order situation has improved in the country

Islamabad: Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, expert international affairs Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal said: “The fight against terrorism is a difficult war and Pakistan army has successfully carried out the operation against militants in North Waziristan and Khyber agencies. The US Secretary of State John Kerry has also lauded the sacrifices of our security forces in global war against terrorism while meeting with Sartaj Aziz, the advisor on foreign affairs. The law and order situation of the country has been improved after the launch of decisive operation against militants in the country. The confidence of local and foreign investors has also been improved. The role of India is quite unfortunate as it is backing and sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.”

Defence Analyst Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema said: “Pakistan wants to maintain peace in Afghanistan by facilitating the talks between Kabul and Taliban leadership. Now, the Afghanistan is also cooperating with Pakistan for the maintenance of peace in the region whereas China and United States are also willing to play their role in this regard. The positive role of India is also equally important for the Afghan peace process but it will never play its role positively as New Delhi knows that peace in the region can contribute in the progress and development of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Indian lobby in Kabul always works to create misunderstandings between Pakistan and Afghanistan by using Afghan soil against Pakistan for terrorist attacks.”

Defence analyst Lt. General (R) Talat Masood said: “The whole country was impacted through the wave of terrorism before the launch of Operation Zarb-e-Azb in the country. The law and order situation of the country has been improved after the launch of operation Zarb-e-Azb in the country and Pakistan army has maintained writ of the state in tribal areas. A large number of terrorist fled towards Afghanistan after this operation and now operate from the border areas of that country. It is the duty of Kabul administration to stop the use of its soil against Pakistan and should realize the fact that the terrorism is a common threat for both countries.”

Expert international affairs Dr. Huma Baqai said: “The international newspapers and magazines have lauded the achievements of Pakistan Army in operation Zarb-e-Azb whereas the United States and rest of the world has also appreciated our efforts to curb terrorism. The nation has become untied against terrorism after the brutal attack on Army Public School, Peshawar. Terrorism in Pakistan is foreign funded and all enemies of our country are backing and sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. The law and order situation of the country has improved after the launch of operation against terrorists.”

Defence analyst Brigadier (R) Dr. Mahmood Shah said: “Pakistan is confronting with terrorists and military strikes are necessary and such operations are clear message to the terrorists. Afghan border is very important and most of the movements are done on this border. The movements on these borders must be checked and monitored and they can be stopped. The movements of terrorists in the rural areas are also problematic. Law enforcement agencies have to play an active role to control their movements and activities in rural areas of the country. This operation is the last push for the terrorists. Afghanistan must have strong check on the activities in the area near the border. Menace of terrorism can only be controlled by the mutual cooperation of Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Energy expert Engineer Rashid Aziz said: “The exploration of shale gas is a good thing and it can be a game changer in the country in the coming years but government needs a huge amount for the exploration of the shale gas. Initial investment on shale gas is very high but it is a very good substitute in the long run and it can be beneficial but to fulfill immediate needs government needs to invest on the cheaper resources as well to cope with the energy crises in the country.”

Former Federal Secretary Petroleum Dr. Gulfaraz Ahmed said: “Shale gas is a type of gas, which contains certain quantity of oil and gas. It is expensive at the moment and tough to explore. Currently, America has technology for cheap exploration of this source of gas and oil. Pakistan has extensive quantity of shale gas but its exploration process is difficult. Shale gas reserves are present in Sindh, which if explored, would prove helpful for mitigating energy deficiency of our country.”

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