“Awarded Indian Army major is a cell phone thief” Human Shield victim discloses

Srinagar: A day after Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Commendation Card was awarded to Indian Army Major Gogoi for tying Kashmiri youth Farooq Ahmed Dar with an army vehicle, the human shield victimTuesday said that he doesn’t need justice but only want the said Army Major should return his Micromax mobile to him which according to the victim the army officer snatched from him on April 9 last month in Central Kashmir.

“Not to speak of Justice, even they are not returning my micromax cell phone. What sort of State is it where an Army officer loots and torturers anyone at will. Awarding that Army Major doesn’t surprise me at all as I knew the end-result. I am not the only one who was denied justice. There are thousands of people in Kashmir Valley who roam from pillar to post in search of justice. Like any other Kashmiri I too have no faith in the justice system here,” human shield victim Farooq Ahmed Dar told news agency CNS adding that he was targeted for being Kashmiri.

“My simple question to those who awarded this Army Major for making me human shield is what would have been their reaction if their kith or kin would have been in my place. I was not a stone-pelter but had voted before I was lifted and tied to army vehicle,” he said and added that he has lost his state of mind and peace after the incident.

Farooq Ahmed Dar, a shawl weaver by profession said that those who awarded the army officer for such an offence have supported the oppression and coercion. “I wish everyone gets justice but the reality of Kashmir is altogether different. Justice eludes every Kashmiri. This is the harsh reality and we must live to it,” he said. (CNS)

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