Attique optimistic about Kashmir solution

– Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi
RAWALPINDI – Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, also head of Muslim Conference, expressed his optimism about the solution of Kashmir dispute, saying minds of Kashmiris are aligned the right path.
In his exclusive talk with Kashmir Watch here at his residence Sardar Attique Khan said during his forthcoming visit to Saudi Arabia he would find ample opportunities to highlight the legitimate rights of Kashmiris. He will attend Rabita Islami forum meeting in Jeddah around mid-March, 2017.
Rabita is the first international forum that had passed a resolution moved by the late veteran Kashmiri leader Sardar Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Khan, then President of AJK, that Kashmiris from both sides of the ceasefire line be permitted mutual meetings. Heads of political parties of Kashmir should be allowed to meet one another, was the core demand of the resolution passed from Rabita platform in 1975.
He agreed to a suggestion from Kashmir Watch that a diplomatic liaison must be made with democratic countries regarding Kashmir solution urgency. He would shortly leave for Saudi Arabia to attend the Rabita forum sessions on their invitation.
He urged the European Union to help terminate human rights violations in India-occupied parts of J&K.

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