Arab League must take Mideast affairs in its own hands

BEIRUT – Gauhar Zahid Malik, Chairman Kashmir Peace Institute (Islamabad), has expressed shock over continued bleeding of human blood in Middle East especially in Syria, Iraq and Palestine, suggesting that the common forum of Arabs, the Arab League must take the affairs of the region into its own hands and try to settle the issues with full justice to all involved in the conflicts.
Talking to a group of select intelligentsia here Sunday the Chairman of the Kashmir Peace Institute said that a new world order is emerging; small or big countries must realize the constraints of the new era and re-adjust their policies and programmes accordingly. The Chairman was here on a short visit to meet ruling party office bearers and some ministers. He also discussed with them the issue of Kashmir and reminded them of the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir calling for international plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. He was of the opinion that Lebanon can play its influential role in bringing Pakistan and India around one table of talks over all outstanding issues between them including that of Jammu and Kashmir.
He disclosed that soon he would meet some members of the Organization of Islamic Conference and would urge them all to take with them the Arab League and make diplomatic and fraternal role in bringing peace back to the Arab lands.
He welcomed latest overtures for normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and said that unity among Ummah is the need of the hour and King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud can play a sound part in this big task closing ranks of Muslim countries in and outside of Middle East.
He asked Israel to cease highhandedness against Palestinians and try to arrange peace meetings among themselves. Israel holds the Palestine issue solution key in its hands

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