Arab countries invite EU companies to join 24 bn $ mega business project

By Abdul Latif Bhat
Brussels: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE have jointly launched 24 bn $ mega business project in Brussels today and invited the European partners to work together and do the business and trade for developing good and cordial relations with each other. Saudi officials H.E Naief bin Salman bin Mohamed Al Soud and Prince Jamal Al Noaimi in a joint press conference at Press Club Brussels said that this project is also part of a goodwill gesture on behalf of Arab countries to the European Countries for hosting millions of war hit refugees. 
Prince Jamal Al Noaimi the president of International Organization For Refugee Affairs Care (UAN ORG) told the media,” To join this project well established European companies have to register branch in one of the countries of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or UAE as per local laws and regulations.”
He further said this partnership is of strategic importance and aimed to bridge Europe with the Arab world.
He said by launching this project we also want to help the refugees settled in Europe. He said that we plan to launch this project in France, Germany and Belgium first and later expand it to other European countries.  
He also said that the European companies are competent and credible both in services and infrastructure and their engagement in the project will open new page of history by developing relations with each other.
He said many well established companies are already doing business in many Arab countries. Giving the example of UAE he said that “UAE is known as small baby country but with the engagement of foreign companies it is currently considered among the top electronic countries in the world”.
He also disclosed, “To devise the strategy of our future plans we are planing to hold an international trade and partnership conference very soon in Saudi Arabia”.
Dr El Waleed Abdulrahman the Excellence Ambassador of UAN ORG said that new companies and individuals with new ideas and concepts  are also welcome to apply for support and funding under this project.
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