APHC G worries about the safety of Masrat Alam

APHC G worries about the safety of Masrat Alam

Srinagar: Expressing their apprehension and concern over the safety of the Pro-freedom leader Masrat Alam Bhat, All Parties Hurriyat Conference cautioned that any kind of harm to him will have serious and horrible consequences and all its responsibility will be on the shoulders of the government.

Hurriyat Conference (G) strongly condemned the attitude of the Indian government and Media for projecting Masrat sahib a dangerous person and a terrorist and this is extremely an irresponsible attitude while as Masrat sahib is a famous and respectable political leader of Kashmir and he have never committed any crime in his lifetime.

Expressing their surprise and concern over the revelation of a former police officer Mr. Ashiq Hussain Bukhari, the hurriyat demanded registration of FIRs under article 302 against the Omer Abdullah and all other police and CRPF personals who are directly involved in the killings of 2010 and who got promotions and awards for that bloodshed.

Hurriyat said that the Indian investigation agency NIA has no constitutional, legal and moral justification to interfere into the cases of Masrat Alam. The state high court has dozens of times termed the allegations leveled by the state government against the Masrat sahib as baseless and fake and have dozens of times ordered his release. Due to the special status of the state, firstly the NIA has no jurisdiction here and secondly they can’t reopen the cases once closed by the state high court. Hurriyat statement further reads that the situation of 2010 for which the Masrat Alam is being blamed was actually the public reaction of Machil Fake encounter and the killing of many other innocent students.

Terming the revelation of a former police officer as serious and deplorable, the hurriyat conference said that the Omer Abdullah have many times accused Mr. Bukhari for killings of 2010 and today this fact has came to fore that all those killings have happened on his directions and he has offered promotions, perks and rewards to the murderers for all those killings. This situation demands that all those incidents should be investigated by an independent agency and the people involved in the war crimes should be held accountable.

Hurriyat conference will try to explore other legal options for bringing the killers of innocent students of 2010 to justice. Hurriyat conference appealed the Indian people not to come into the negative propaganda against the Masrat Alam Bhat created by the government and the media and know the fact that Masrat sahib is not any dangerous person and nor is he involved in any kind of criminal activity. He is a nice person and a respectable political leader and he was detained for 4 and ½ years under such a law which has been termed as a “lawless law” by the Amnesty International and other human rights organizations.

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