Anti-Muslim fascist forces will disintegrate India: Syed Salahuddin

Communication blockade will play havoc with Kashmir economy: Farooq Abdullah

Srinagar: Conglomerate of local militant outfits, United Jihad Council Wednesday said that attacking Muslims on the pretext of cow protection, targeting Kashmiri students and Rohingya Muslims is the agenda of RSS and Modi Government and such actions are condemnable.

As per a statement to news agency CNS, the Hizb and UJC chief Syed Salahuddin while addressing a high command meeting said that fascist and communal forces that pursue anti-Muslim agenda will disintegrate India. “The world and Indian human rights bodies, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and religious organizations should take notice of the brutalities inflicted upon the Muslims in India by fanatics. If world bodies will fail to protect the oppressed Muslims, then they will take to arms to safeguard their lives and properties,” he said.

While condemning the use of brute force by Indian Forces on students in Kashmir, Syed Salahuddin said that oppression ceases to exist when it crosses the limit. History will not forgive Mufti and Modi for their oppressive stand and they will get exposed before the world,” he said and paid tribute to two militants who were killed in Chadoora recently.

Communication blockade will play havoc with Kashmir economy: Farooq Abdullah

Meanwhile, National Conference President and Member of Parliament for Srinagar Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said the communication blockade invoked by the PDP-BJP Government would play havoc with the State’s economy and in turn rendering thousands of youth unemployed.

Interacting with various traders’ delegations from Srinagar that called on the National Conference President, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said the PDP-BJP Government was not only suppressing the people of the State through brute force but was also persecuting them economically.

“The continued blockade of internet will seriously affect our businesses and especially youth-oriented new start-ups in the ecommerce sector that depend primarily on internet accessibility and penetration. This will in turn lead to an increase in unemployment as the private sector; especially the tourism sector will be severely hit. Using such measures to suppress dissent against a deeply unpopular government is as futile an exercise as that government continuing to be in power despite being rejected by the people of the State”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said while interacting with the traders’ delegations.

The NC President and Member of Parliament from Srinagar also expressed amusement at earlier promises of the PDP-BJP Government to usher the State into an era of e-governance and said even basic governance was a far-fetched expectation as far as the Mehbooba Mufti Government was concerned.

“These are the same individuals who used to talk about providing all possible digital platforms and communication opportunities to youth that would help them in the pursuit of their career and entrepreneurial aspirations. Today this Government has resorted to tactics that are regressive and making it hard for our young businessmen and students to achieve their goals”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said.

Interacting with delegations of young students from Srinagar who called on the National Conference President in Srinagar, Abdullah condemned in strongest of terms the Government’s onslaught on young students and said the PDP-BJP Government had declared a full-fledged war even against school students and didn’t even have the civility to spare girl students.

“Such is the ruthlessness and barbarism perpetrated by this Government that even young school going girls are at the receiving ends of batons and teargas shells. We stand in solidarity with the students and ask the Government to stop this merciless, nihilistic assault on our youth”, he added.

The young students also informed Abdullah about the severe impact of the internet blockade on their academic pursuits and said those students who were preparing for competitive exams were seriously disadvantaged due to lack of internet access.

Abdullah demanded an immediate resumption of disrupted internet services in the Valley and said the Chief Minister was personally liable for the consequences such regressive policies would have on the future of our youth. (CNS)


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