And then…she died!!

By Azra Mufti

Life is very unpredictable. No matter how hard we try, there are some things we just cannot change. All we can do is breathe and move on! Today I remembered one of the painful incidents of my life which I wished should not have been encountered with. It is the talk of year 2010. I remember being a very happy go lucky girl. That was the first time I saw her. Abida, a very calm and composed girl in her teens. Both of us shared the same room. The beginning is always difficult they say and so are the goodbyes! We used to go for coaching together. Abida, unlike other girls was quiet and serene. There was something mysterious about her personality. She talked less, was extremely sweet natured girl. Since she belonged to south Kashmir, humour was in her blood. She used to crack jokes which brought light happiness in our stressed lives. I remember how she used to make sandwiches for me knowing I liked it less stuffed. I was really awful at making tea, but she used to teach me very calmly and patiently.

I remember I got a stole for her once, knowing it was my favorite color, she silently put it in my wardrobe and told me to keep it with me forever! Nineteen year olds hardly do that I guess! On Sundays, we used to do the empirical questions and she was the one who was really good at it.

” I want to be a dentist”, she used to say it quiet often and I could see the passion in her eyes. We had immense respect for each other and thankfully we never had any tiff. Abida was a girl with golden heart and beautiful mind! After we completed our coaching, we never got a chance to meet unfortunately. Last year a friend of mine called me and said, ” do you remember Abida?” ” yes” , pat came the reply.” She is no more”! I was numb. I felt choked unable to answer.” What? How? Why? These questions blurted from my mouth! ” she died of renal failure” , my friend answered. I could hardly speak. I went to the room and looked for the stole. All I could do was cry silent tears remembering all the good times we had together! This is life! Jolts and shakes. .a part of it!

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