Analysts welcome resumption of composite dialogue

Analysts welcome resumption of composite dialogue

Say the Heart of Asia conference will help promote regional cooperation

Islamabad: Analysts have welcomed the successful 5th Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process conference and the announcement of resumption the stalled dialogue process between Pakistan and India.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s current affairs programme ‘Nuqta-e-Nazar’, Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif (Defense Analyst) said: “Hosting Heart of Asia Conference is a big achievement for Pakistan. Afghanistan is our neighbor and both the countries have religious affiliations with each other. It is an opportunity for India and Pakistan to understand each other’s point of view through this conference and try to improve bilateral relations. The main objective of this conference is to jointly work for regional peace and prosperity.”

Former Ambassador Arif Kamal said: “Neighbors cannot be changed. The ongoing tensions between Pakistan, India and Afghanistan will be reduced to a great extent after the Heart of Asia conference. India should realize the fact that war is not the solution to any problem so all the outstanding issues including Kashmir dispute should be resolved through dialogue. Peace in Afghanistan will definitely bring economic stability in the region.

TAPI gas pipeline project will also facilitate Afghanistan. The Heart of Asia conference supports Afghanistan’s constructive approach towards regional engagement and its commitment to building an environment of trust and confidence throughout the region.”

Senior Analyst Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema said: “Basically, the aim of this conference was to have peace and prosperity in the region but the main focus of the conference was peace in Afghanistan. Without having peace in Afghanistan we could not dream of peace in the region. India and Pakistan should also sit on the table to resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir dispute. We are expecting positive outcomes of Heart of Asia conference. Pakistan has always supported peace in Afghanistan and offered its role of being a facilitator for peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban. Pakistan has improved its relations with other countries of the region, which is a positive development. This conference will also help in improving relations of all member countries of the conference.”

International Relations expert Dr. Huma Baqai said: “Heart of Asia Conference is being held at a time when joint efforts were required for regional peace. India should also adopt a flexible attitude for having peace in the region. India should focus on improving its relations with all the regional countries including Pakistan. The participation of Indian External Affairs Minister and Afghan President in the conference is a positive gesture.

Afghanistan, Pakistan and India have some reservations with each other and this conference would be helpful in elimination of these reservations. The 5th Heart of Asia conference held in a positive atmosphere and is expected to generate good results. India has been using Afghan land to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Pak-Afghan governments should support each other to wipe out the menace of terrorism from the territory. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif very rightly expressed that enemy of Afghanistan is also enemy of Pakistan.”

Chaudhary Jaffar Iqbal, Parliamentary Secretary, said: “Pakistan and India have agreed to resume composite dialogue under the new title comprehensive bilateral dialogue. Pakistan, Afghanistan and India need to improve their relations. Narendra Modi should revise his policies and avoid irresponsible statements as he did in Bangladesh. Pakistan has always supported Afghanistan. When Russia attacked Afghanistan, many Afghan refugees migrated to Pakistan and Pakistan provided them the shelters. Despite of all the blames of India and Afghanistan, PM Nawaz Sharif always adopted a soft attitude.”

Senior journalist Arif Nizami said: “It is a positive development that both India and Pakistan agreed to resolve the issues through dialogue. The core issue between India and Pakistan is Kashmir dispute without resolving of which Pak-India tensions could not be reduced. Pakistan has been fighting a successful war against terrorism and on the other hand India has been violating LoC and the Working Boundary. Dialogue is only solution to such issues. Nawaz-Modi meeting in France has paved the way of resuming Pak-India talks.”

Senior journalist Zahid Malik said: “Today is a big day for the regional peace as all the fourteen countries representatives reiterated their agreement that terrorism, extremism and linkages among them, pose a serious challenge to the region and beyond. Sushma Swaraj has rightly said that the main issue of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan is poverty. The world realizes that importance of Pakistan in the region could not be ignored.

Today’s declaration clearly indicates that the bilateral relations of all the countries of the region with each other will improve. All the participants showed their willingness to put the joint efforts for the regional peace and prosperity.”

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