Analysts call for joint efforts to eliminate terrorism

Analysts call for joint efforts to eliminate terrorism

Analysts say terrorism is condemnable in all its forms and manifestations

Islamabad: In France, the death toll has risen to one hundred and sixty with hundred injured following multiple explosions and shootings in Paris.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, defense analyst Major General (Retd) Farooq Iqbal said: “This is perhaps for the first time that Europe is jolted by such a catastrophic attack. Whereby, almost six places were targeted at the same time in Paris. The attack is probably master minded by the people outside of Europe. The terrorism is condemnable in all its forms and manifestations. We have to identify the root causes of this menace, if we want to take long lasting remedial countermeasures. It is dubious policies of major global actors and their dual standards, which have brought the entire world to the brink of devastation. Initially, the world was turning a deaf ear to the sufferings of Pakistan in the hands of terrorism. Now, they are realizing the severity and outreach of terrorists’ activities.”

Defense analyst Brigadier (Retd) Mehmood Shah said: “War against terrorism is going on in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Africa but only Pakistan has been able to get success and has managed to reduce terrorism to much extent. Pakistan asked for help from many countries to support in war against terrorism but they were not serious. At last Pakistan initiated Operation Zarb-e-Azb with its own available resources. This war has also affected the economy of Pakistan. Pak Army has destroyed the hideouts and networks of the terrorists and now the remaining terrorists have been fleeing for their lives. The terrorist attacks in Paris could be the reaction of hatred against Muslims. Now, the European countries could seek Pakistan’s support to wipe out terrorism because Islamabad has rich experience in this regard.”

Defense analyst Brigadier (Retd) Ghazanfar Ali said: “The great powers initiate proxy wars against any country for their own national interests. The reaction comes in the form of terrorist attacks. American Vice President has himself admitted that creation of ISIS was a joint project of USA with the cooperation of some Middle Eastern countries. Now, Daesh is getting out of control as many terrorist groups have joined it. The assaults came as France, a founding member of the US-led coalition, launched airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and was on high alert for terrorist attacks.”

Senior analyst Dr. A.Z. Hilali said: “Pakistan has been badly affected by the menace of terrorism. The government and armed forces initiated a war against terrorism to eradicate it from the country. So for, we have achieved our targets to a great extent. The whole world is condemning terrorist attacks in Paris. France has declared a national state of emergency and closed its borders following the killings. Terrorists are the enemies of humanity and have no religion. Pakistan has time and again asked the international community for support in war against terrorism but no one took it serious. Terrorist attacks in Paris highlight Pakistan’s point of view that terrorism is a global issue and not only Pakistan’s. NATO forces tried but could not eliminate terrorism in Afghanistan. India has been involved in sabotaging the peace efforts in the region. International community should take the notice of violation of human rights in IOK by Indian forces. Narendra Modi has links with extremist organizations including Taliban, Daesh and Al-Qaida. Indian real extremist face should be exposed in front of the world.”

IR expert Dr. Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi said: “Islamic State claimed responsibility for a coordinated assault by gunmen and bombers that killed 127 people at locations across Paris. Earlier, Russia was involved in carrying airstrikes against Daesh in Iraq but now it could have the support of other European countries as well. After 9/11 incident, US attacked on Afghanistan in response. European Union could now target Daesh’s hideouts and strongholds. Pakistan has been badly affected by the menace of terrorism, yet it managed to eliminate terrorism from the country.”

IR expert Dr. Amna Mehmood said: “The attacks in Paris are really condemnable and death toll is very high. However, the world has to take notice of atrocities being faced by Muslim world throughout the globe too. Pakistan is a long time victim of terrorism, Syria is also becoming a battle ground of major powers and facing endless war among various factions, Palestine is also looking for the attention of global big powers since decades and Kashmir issue is yet to be resolved, regardless of the UN resolutions on it. In near future, there is no visible solution to these issues and inhabitants and common masses of these regions are ultimate sufferers. ISIS is an emerging global threat and a genie out of bottle. It is phenomenon which requires prompt, comprehensive and well crafted response on the part of regional and global actors. If you want a long lasting peace on the face of the globe, dig out the root causes and take compensatory measures later.”

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