AJK PM announces new projects

AJK PM announces new projects

Muzaffarabad: The Prime Minister AJ&K Chaudry Abdul Majeed has announced to regularize all the contract employees working in different departments of AJ&K and establishing another women university at Muzaffarabad next year. He announced to increase the members Legislative Assembly’s fund from 5 million to Rs 10 million. He also announced to appoint two additional judges to AJK High Court, an additional civil judge in Patika, one civil judge in Mirpur, a circuit bench in Bagh and also announced 5 million rupee for Chamber of Commerce saying the speedy justice, an environment of harmony and promoting the education was his philosophy upon which he would utilize all his efforts for implementation at any cost. He made these announcements while addressing the budget session 2012-13 here in Legislative Assembly yesterday. The Prime Minister stated that opposition and all the members of the Legislative Assembly would be taken on board on Neelum Jehlum Hydal project before finalizing the agreement.

The Prime Minister Chaudry Abdul Majeed asked PML (N) President to be patient for six months and don’t give the way of democracy saying let the people of Pakistan decide who did better for them. PPP government both in Pakistan and AJ&K has implemented the vision of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Banzir Bhutto, presenting a public friendly and balanced budget to address the real issues of the people. The AJ&K premier reiterated that his government has formulated a compact and comprehensive strategy for the development of the state and prosperity of the people. “Irrespective of the financial crunch and economic challenges we have given maximum relief to the people: another bailout package AJK is on its way; we have devised a policy that all be served across the board”, he added. While commenting on the budget he mentioned the salient features saying that government has banned the deforestation and smuggling of wood items from the state. “The education and health sectors have been revolutionized already, the mega projects have been started, Mangla dam issue has been resolved according to the wishes of the people, road infrastructure is going to be given main focus so that along with facilitating the masses tourist could be attracted to AJ&K”, he observed.

The AJ&K premier paid rich tribute to the people of Poonch specially to the founder president of the state Sardar Ibrahim Khan who struggled against the tyranny and brutality of the Indian troops during the freedom movement of Kashmir. “ The people of Kashmir have laid innumerable sacrifices for freedom and would not compromise anything less than complete freedom: and the government of the base camp is not oblivious of its responsibilities in connection with freedom movement”, he stated. He said that the state of Jammu & Kashmir including Gligit Biltistan was the base camp. He made an appeal to the international community to give the Kashmiris their right to self determination for which they were promised in several UN Security Council resolutions. “Kashmiris cannot be divided and Kashmiris and Pakistanis have strong cultural, religious and geographic ties. Pakistan has always extended its moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiri nation and we are thankful to the people and government of Pakistan for their unrelenting support”, Mr. Majeed maintained. He saluted the heroes of Kashmiri nation including Sardar Ibrahim Khan, Sardar Abdul Qayuyum, Sardar Fateh Muhammad Krelwi, Raja Haider Khan, k.H. Khursheed, Raja Mumtaz Hussasin Rathor, Raja Akbar Khan, Sabaz Ali Khan and said their services were extraordinary and appreciable for Kashmir Cause. He paid homage to the martyrs of Kashmir freedom movement and said the destination was not far anymore, the struggle would bear the fruits very soon.

The Prime Minister Chaudry Majeed said that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave constitution to Pakistan which set a way forward to democracy and freedom of expression. “ Shaheed Bhutto defined who was supposed to be a Muslim in the constitution of Pakistan and excluded the Qadyanis from Islam forever, he made Pakistan first Islamic Nuclear power on the map of the world and resolved to fight for Kashmiris for thousand years; what else one could do for the people more than what he did”, he questioned. Mr. Majeed said that Shaheed Banzir Bhutto continued struggle for democracy and independence of Kashmir and faced brutal dictators for the sake of the people of Pakistan. “ Shaheed BB was the one who enhanced Bhutto’s Kashmir policy and brought development and prosperity in AJ&K, she gave us representation in O.I.C, and she sacrificed her life for revival and restoration of democracy in Pakistan”, he maintained. He condemned the rumors of making Kashmir a province of Pakistan and asked propagandist to stop spreading such baseless news as there was no truth in it.

He lauded the efforts of President Zardari saying that only he could bring the country out of crises. “President Zardari adopted the policy of reconciliation for the betterment, political stability and smooth running of democracy in the country”, he added. The Prime Minister ensured the leader of opposition that mandate of opposition would be respected and all their positive feedback would be incorporated. “ Whatever the members of treasury benches would be given the same would be accorded to opposition members assembly and all members are equal and respectable for me”, he said.

The Prime Minster appreciated the cooperation of opposition and the leader of opposition saying that Raja Farooq Haidar Khan contributed positively in this budget for the people of Kashmir.

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