Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Commission for Peace holds first meeting

Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Commission for Peace holds first meeting

KABUL (PAN): Afghan and Pakistani officials gathered yesterday to discuss details of the Afghan peace and reconciliation process.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul hosted the inaugural meeting of the Working Level of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Commission for Peace, according to a joint statement released by the participants.

“Substantive deliberations were held at today’s meeting in a cordial and constructive manner on a number of relevant aspects relating to the Afghan-led peace and reconciliation efforts with a view to ensuring its success,” according to the joint statement.

The meeting was the result of an understanding reached between the heads of the Afghan and Pakistani governments at a June 11, 2011 meeting in Islamabad.

Pakistani Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir led the Pakistani delegation, which also comprised Mohammad Sadiq, Major General Ishfaq Nadeem Ahmad, Major General Sahibzada Isfandyar Pataudi and Alamgir Babar.

The Afghan delegation was led by Deputy Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin. Masoom Stanakzai , Mohammad Umar Daudzai, Shaida Mohammad Abdali, Gen. Hassamudin Marzi, , Mohammad Younus Farman, General Afzal Aman and Fazal Karim Aimaq composed the rest of the delegation.

The joint statement continued: “The Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan reaffirmed its support for the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process, and its readiness to encourage and facilitate a process that is all inclusive.”

The two sides agreed to hold another Joint Commission meeting in Islamabad in August 2011.

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