Hizb Chief son arrested by NIA: Attempt to pressurize our father, says family

CNS reports from Indian occupied Kashmir


Hizb Chief son arrested by NIA in funding case

Srinagar: India’s National Investigating Agency has arrested Shahid Yousuf, the son of

Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin in alleged funding case.

The arrest of Shahid Yusuf, who works with the J&K agriculture department as village agriculture extension assistant and has a family home in Soibugh village, Budgam, comes barely a day after the Centre appointed a representative+ to initiate dialogue in J&K.

Reports said that he had been summoned by NIA in funding case and on Tuesday he was formally arrested by the agency.

He had appeared for an initial round of questioning by NIA a few days ago. (CNS)

Arrest of Shahid an attempt to pressurize our father, says family of Syed Salahuddin

Srinagar: The family members of Hizb Chief Syed Salahuddin Wednesday while reacting over the arrest of Shahid Yousuf by NIA said that this is the age old tactic by the Delhi government to harass the family and to defame their family head.

“This is an attempt to pressurize our father into submission by Delhi.  We are peace loving people and want the issue to be settled through meaningful dialogue.  We further want to state that we have never been involved in any terror funding activities in the state, and our record during past 28 years is crystal clear and can be verified by the police and CID,” the family members told news agency CNS through a written statement.

“Our brother Shahid Yousuf is a peaceful citizen, and NIA has incriminated him in absolutely fake charges of terror funding to pressurize our father. Our right to live peacefully is being snatched by State and Central Government,” said the family. (CNS)


Hizb condemns arrest of Shahid Yousuf by NIA

Srinagar: Militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen has vehemently condemned the arrest of Shahid Yousuf, the son of outfit Chief Syed Salahuddin by India’s National Investigating Agency.

Hizb spokesperson Salim Hashmi told news agency CNS that these tactics are being adopted to break the resolve of Freedom Movement leaders. “We want to make it clear that these tactics will not have any impact on the mindset of leaders associated with Kashmir Freedom Struggle. Shahid Yousuf is innocent and has been implicated in a case that has no essence and base,” he said.

He said India is fighting a losing war in Kashmir and has been using NIA to harass and oppress the freedom movement leaders. “These tactics on part of India depict only frustration. The Freedom Struggle will continue till it is taken to its logical conclusion,” Salim Hashmi said. (CNS)


Arresting son of Syed Salahuddin by NIA, a case of clear political vendetta: Yasin Malik

Srinagar, Oct 25, CNS: “Involving families into political affairs, arresting sons for fathers and fathers in place of sons, has been a long ploy of Indian occupation. Arresting Shahid Yosuf Shah son of Syed Salahuddin by NIA and attacks on non-combatant family members of those in freedom struggle are glaring examples of Indian aggression,” this was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik in a press release issued on Wednesday.

Terming the arrest of Syed Salahuddin’s son by NIA in a seven year old case, as clear act of political vendetta, JKLF chairman said that in civilized society’s attacks on families of those who differ with you on political issues or who are resisting oppression and illegal occupation is reckoned criminal but India which claims the honor of being the biggest democracy in the world has been using this oppressive tactics against Kashmiri resistance from a long time.

JKLF chairman said that recently police chief of J&K in a statement said that we all should refrain from attacking families of one another but soon after his lecture, police and forces started a new reign of such ugly attacks which on both sides have become a common practice now.  He said that prior to 1988, same oppressive methodology was used against peaceful youth and their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters were arrested, subjected to humiliation and put in jails. This oppression pushed youth to the wall and in 1990, people of Kashmir rouse in a historic people’s revolution which changed the whole scenario and politics of our region.

JKLF chairman said that from 1990, it has become a common practice to punish families for what their sons and fathers did or are doing. Especially from 2008, this ugly practice of attacking or arresting family members has become a common practice and to suppress people’s voices police and other forces are subjecting families of those in resistance with brutal aggression and oppression. Citing recent attacks on common people in Tral and other parts of south Kashmir in which even infants were not spared by police, as glaring example of this state sponsored terrorism, JKLF chairman said that arrest of Syed Shahid Yousuf Shah son of Syed Salah ud Din is part of this oppressive tactic of India and it cannot be termed but as clear case of political vendetta. He said that these oppressive tactics have failed in past and will fail in future too because the voices of people cannot be suppressed by such mean tactics like these. (CNS)



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