HCJK, APHC paid glowing tributes to Shaheed-e-Azeemat Sheikh Abdul Aziz


SRINAGAR: HCJK   Convener and Muslim conference chairman Shabir Ahmad Dar  Mahazi Azadi President Muhammad Iqbal Mir, International forum for justice chairman Muhammad Ahsaan Untoo, Young men’s league chairman Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi,  Tehreeqi Istiqamat chairman Gh Nabi War and Muslim Khawateen Markaz chairperson Yasmeen  in their statement  paid glowing tribute  to Shaheed-e-Azeemat Sheikh Abdul Aziz and 72 martyrs who laid down their lives in 2008 during the mass agitation against the India’s illegal occupation and economic blockade.


Reshi said 2008 agitation was the turning point towards k issue when all walks of peoples took in streets and referendum towards the India’s illegal occupation and economic blockade. They said   Kashmir issue has entered into final stage and it is need of hour to show unity among the ranks .of Hurriyat leadership in connection to unity among Hurriyat groups and emphasized the need of strengthening the party at gross root levels by reaching out to oppressed Kashmiri people in every hook and corner of the Jammu and Kashmir.


HCJK   has decided to observe this day solidarity day with martyrs of Kashmir. Leaders said Kashmiri freedom fighters has given their hot blood for the basic right of freedom and it is our misfortune main stream parties political interest they are trying to engage with people under different but people of Kashmir are well aware with these conspiracies Speaking to those persons who are engaged with main stream parties they are tightening the rope of slavery around the neck of their future generations.


HCJK  once again  Urging naïve Kashmiris to participate enthusiastically in the programs chalked out by Young men’s league on the eve of seventh martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed-e-Azimat Sheikh Abdul Aziz.

HCJK has decided to observeaugust 11 solidarity day for 2008 martyrs in both sides of LoC and had appealed rebel leadership including all fraction of Freedom loving people  to attend special prayers session at martyrs grave yard under one banner to show solidarity with martyrs on August 11 at 10am.

Hurriyat pays rich tribute to Sheikh Ab. Aziz on his 8th anniversary
Huriyat conference paid rich tributes to Sheikh Ab Aziz on his 8th martyrdom anniversary and said that he was a valiant son of soil ۔His contribution for ongoing movement will be written with golden ink, added Huriyat.


Huriyat condemned and expressed its strong resentment over the arrest of   Advocate Zahid Ali (Spokesperson of Jama’at-e-Islami) and while terming it condemnable and sheer frustration of authorities, said that they are choking space for peaceful political activities to crush the sentiment of people who are demanding their fundamental and birth right ‘right to self-determination.


Spokesman while hailing university students for their commitment with ongoing freedom movement said that it is praiseworthy that students illustrated their passions and freedom sentiments during Governors visit to University. (PTK)



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