4000 Kashmiri youth injured in Indian forces pellet firing: Kashmir University association

-KUMSA Seeks End of Human Rights Violation in Kashmir

-Painful grief over loss of precious life

Srinagar: Kashmir university ministerial staff association (KUMSA) expresses its concern over the use of pallet guns against the civilians and condemned the killing in the valley. The pallet gun used by security forces have left more than 65 persons dead and more than 4000 youth have received pallet injuries and some of them have lost their eyes. The use of pallet and bullet on the unarmed protesters is highly condemnable and is serious violation of human rights which needs to be stopped urgently to avoid further loss of life.

We (the employees) being the part of society feel the pain and sufferings of our people. We expresses our solidarity with the families of youth who lost their lives and families of injured persons, the KUMSA expresses its concern and anguish over the present situation in the valley.

In a condolence meeting held at university campus president KUMSA appealed all the human rights organizations within and outside the state to play their role for stopping the human rights violation by Government forces. We also appeal state and centre government that use of pallet guns should be banned and innocent killing should be stopped. The enquiry should be conducted in the time bound manner of the killing of innocent civilians and culprits should be punished.

The KUMSA has decided to hold the blood donation camps in various hospitals including the university health centre. (CNS)

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