‘Release students, withdraw FIRs or face agitation’ AJKSU warns Govt

SRINAGAR: AJKSU in its press Statement has asked the govt. to release all the students who have been arrested after GDC Pulwama incident and the FIR registered against students should also be revoked immediately otherwise the association has warned govt. of a Valley wide student agitation which may take an ugly turn.

All Jammu and Kashmir students union spokesperson has said that many students have been arrested and FIR has also been registered against some students, which he termed as unacceptable.

Statement said that AJKSU team has talked and identified from the blow mentioned families of students that FIR’s are registered against their wards.

The students of GDC Baramulla including Sameer Ah Baba, Basharat ah Akhoon. Qaisar Rashid, Mudasir ah Khan, Mubashir Manzoor are not at their homes and after talking to their families, they have no whereabouts of their wards.

General Secretary AJKSU termed the arrests of students unfortunate and said this is a deliberate attempt to involve students in the field which may have adverse results. He further said that Authorities should learn lessons from the past experiences.

Using force against peaceful protesters and lodging students under fake cases is really dangerous and alarming.

AJKSU condemned the use of force against Handwara students who were peacefully protesting and termed it fuel to fire. Statement further added that president AJKSU contacted SHO Pulwama Masrat Ah, who in response said that some students are under observation no FIR has been registered against them.  (PTK)

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