Indian plan to trap moulvis exposed by NC leader


    SRINAGAR: Reacting over the suggestions mentioned in an assessment report prepared by the Centre (Govt of India) about the prevailing situation in the Valley, Senior Leader of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (JKNC), Akbar Lone said that it is the policy of central government to create wedge among the people of Valley.

    Commenting on the suggestion cited in the report that the moulvis at the mosques need to be engaged that will go a long way to quell insurgency, he said that unless the hearts of people are bot won, nothing will happen.

    “It is the plan of central government to wedge between the people each other rather to unite them. They may involve fake moulvis who have no fear of God and to those who are true; God fearing will not care about it. Only the fake Imams will come into their trap,” he said.

    Lone refuses the advocating the engagement with the moderate faction while saying. “Here no one is moderate. The people whom they call moderates are no one. They are those people who are sailing in the same boat”. He said the real representatives from Hurriyat are Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yaseen Malik with whom the center should get engaged for talks.

    Talking about controlling Media, as suggested in the report, he said that they want to suppress the voice of those people who are voice to voiceless people. He said that by doing this they are adding more fuel to the fire.

    Lone lambasted the center for talking about the revival of the SOG as it was done in 2002.  He said that this will only lead to the more human rights violations and worsen the situation than tackling it.

    Worth to mention that some of the suggestions in an assessment report prepared by the Centre about the prevailing situation in the Kashmir were, Control of the mosque, madrasa, media, changes in political atmosphere, strengthening of intelligence set-up and reaching out to the moderate faction of Hurriyat.

    The report, compiled after securing inputs from ground, suggests long-term “actionable points” and has been sent to National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval as per media reports.

    The report has suggested that those who were part of the 2014 election victory need to be supported and promoted by the government. The report also suggests that some of the financial schemes of the Centre may be implemented through these people that may help to bring more people in their area of influence.
    According to the media reports, the report adds that the moulvis at the mosques need to be engaged that will go a long way to quell insurgency in the Valley, it was stated.

    The report states that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting needs to revive its Jammu and Kashmir division that is largely defunct. It lists media as pro and anti-India that it says should be promoted for “perception management. The report says those news organisations in the Valley fomenting anti-India sentiment should be “discouraged” from telecasting any “negative propaganda”. (PTK)

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