Indian Army chief statement apparent threat to carry killing spree: Geelani

Indian Army chief statement apparent threat to carry killing spree: Geelani

SRINAGAR: Terming Army chief’s statement an apparent threat to carry killing spree of civilians, Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said that since 1947, India is carrying these bloodbaths.
He said, “They want to strengthen their forced occupation & even won’t hesitate to kill each soul for this purpose, said Syed Ali Geelani. Referring to the statement of army chief, APHC chairman said their arrogance and stale thinking is the basic reason for continuous bloodshed and political uncertainty in state”.
He said that people of state and particularly the youth are up against this hegemony and suppression.
Geelani while commenting over the situations arising during encounters said that people exhibit their extreme valour and without any fear even face tough & dangerous situation. He adds , “It is clear indication that whole nation is against the occupation and should have served an alarm for Indian rulers that movement is not confined to a few but whole nation is determined to offer their serves for cherished goal”.
Syed Ali Geelani in his statement said it is scary that instead of taking this development a serious, they are beating the same bush, parroting about unfound theories and want to move us with the barrel of gun. “This won’t help them as in past they tried these methods to disassociate us from our stance and in future they won’t achieve anything”, said Geelani.
“The loss of precious lives is disheartening and nobody on earth will derive pleasure over human losses, and blaming India for its unrealistic approach, Syed Ali Geelani said they are responsible for all these gruesome happenings.”, he adds.
Geelani chief said that India since last seventy years is following these policies, and while exhibiting military might are adamant to solve the issue.
“They don’t value human lives and even least care for their soldiers nor they are worried about brutal killings of civilians, however their egoistic nature has made them blood thirsty”, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Ridiculing the statement of army chief wherein he has said that those having sympathy with brave hearts, will be dealt strictly and will treat them as over ground worker, Syed Ali Geelani warned and said that it has proved his stale think and illustrates that their thinking is unfair and they lack political maturity.
“Kashmir issue is not a law and order problem, said Syed Ali Geelani, instead an issue related to 15 million people. Indian politicians and rulers have pledged in all international forums to solve the issue as per aspirations of people of state but India failed to keep its word”, he said.
Syed Ali Geelani suggested army chief to revisit annals of history and said that three full-fledged wars were fought between India and Pakistan and lakhs of people were assassinated and however the issue remained unresolved.
Syed Ali Geelani while rebuking the pro-Indian state politicians said that except these all people of state are against this forceful occupation and these people for their lust for power and perks are acting as pawns and agents, thus proving detrimental for whole nation.

Indian Army Chief’s words threat to Kashmiris: Er. Rasheed

AIP Supremo and MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed while reacting to statement made by Army Chief Gen. Rawat that those moving towards encounter sites and raising pro militants slogans would be treated as anti nationals, has called it a confession that state has lost the control in Kashmir.

While interacting people in Kupwara today, Er. Rasheed said “While New Delhi doesn’t get tired claiming Kashmiris as its own people, the threat given by Gen. Rawat has exposed the claim.

“General’s threat is a confession that militants have mass support and calling them terrorists is not the solution. Gen. Rawat’s warning can be his professional compulsion but New Delhi must see and analyses it beyond that. While militancy is completing its thirty years, New Delhi has miserably failed to consolidate its constituency in J&K”, he said.
He added that if general masses do not care of the consequences and put their lives at stake to save the armed militants, New Delhi must revisit its Kashmir policy and must understand that while General’s words are threat to Kashmiris but not less than an advice for New Delhi, conveying it that J&K is a political problem which has not military solution.  (PTK)

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