Donate old books & bags: Kashmir NGO launches unique campaign to spread the education

By Sajid Yousuf
Srinagar: Jammu & Kashmir Against Corruption Kashmir (JKAC) has come up with an idea to address the issue of illiteracy and spread the knowledge in every nook and corner of society by collection of the items needed in education. In this regards JKAC has appealed the parents and students to donate used books of previous classes to the poor and needy candidates.
In an appeal to citizens of the state, Ashraf Bhat state vice President JKAC has requested that in case anyone have any old used books of previous classes then they should give it to some deserving students in the neighbourhood and in case someone do not find any deserving person then volunteer members of their organization shall pick up the used books, used school bags and notebooks having important notes of the related subject and class for giving it further to some other students who otherwise cannot afford to purchase new books from the market.
He said this such type of small donation can help in shaping future of several needy students. While expressing concern, Bhat said in this era of rising inflation it is difficult for an average income family to give education to their children and thus it is the collective responsibility of the society to participate in raising literacy rate.
He informed that all the district in charges of JKAC have been asked to collect used books by a door to door campaign.

It is pertinent to mention here that JKAC has established a vast network of its members and volunteers across the state.
For such type of donations JKAC officials can be contacted at the following mobile phone numbers: 
9622444913, 9797978212, 9086678666, 7298627287, 9599116769.

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