Last roadblock in the path of Kashmir freedom

  • Dr. Muhammad Qasim

It took 50 years to end the political and social acceptance of national conference(1938 to 1950). Afterwards Indian agencies came up with PDP as an alternative to NC. PDP with its slogans of Boli and Healing touch played a cunning role with the muslims in Kashmir. Today due to this cunningness of PDP Kashmiri muslims have been rendered slaves not only to India but to the Dogras of Jammu. PDP has made BJP a permanent shareholder of Power in Jammu Kashmir. Now since PDP has lost its political and social acceptability in just 17 years (1999-2016) it is expected that the Indian agencies will soon start efforts to form a third front in order to keep the Kashmiri Muslims attached to the election drama. Some political renegades and new faces under this third front banner will raise slogans against PDP and NC terming them as backstabbers of Kashmiri muslims. They too will claim to settle the Kashmir Issue in the assembly. Indian agencies will aim for two achievements through this third front: 1) since this third front will depend on the muslims votes in Kashmir and will claim from among the 46 assembly seats of Kashmir. This will lead to BJP becoming the single largest party in the assembly as it’s vote bank in Jammu is intact.2) after BJP comes into power the autonomy will become the issue of political contention as BJP will forcefully raise the issue of scrapping any traces of autonomy.

Even though Pro freedom leadership has nothing to do with this pro Indian politics but they can’t remain completely aloof of this situation. Therefore the need of the hour is that the pro freedom parties and religious organisations donot differentiate between pro india parties on any basis.

Eyes of those people would have opened in the last 4 months who termed PDP as a lesser evil. If these people will start flirting with this idea of third front it would result as the last nail in the coffin of the Pro freedom movement.

Pro freedom leadership and people should realise that India has to face an examination on the international level only once every 6 years and the Indian stooges here hoodwink people by invoking slogans of Sadak, Bijli and Pani. Afterwards Indian rulers present these elections as an alternative to the self determination and expression of the trust of Kashmiri people on the Indian state. Thus all our sacrifices and hardships of the preceding 6 years are nullified.

Untill the muslims in Jammu kashmir make these Pro India parties irrelevant and the assembly elections futile, which can very well be done in at least 50 assembly segments, India cannot be pressurised to solve Kashmir Issue in its historical perspective. India cannot rule a sensitive and disputed territory like Kashmir at the point of Gun only. It is only because of pro india parties and the state assembly that lends strength to the Indian dominance in state. Every Muslim of the state should understand that the first and the last roadblock in our path of our freedom are these Pro India parties.
Dr. Muhammad Qasim is detained leader of Muslim Deeni Mahaz

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