• Azra Mufti

What makes life beautiful is that it never stops surprising us, a beautiful blend of sorrows and joys, an unending parable, rather a puzzle. We try to figure out life at every stage of our existence but the twists and turns that it serves us create a roller coaster, whirlwind of thoughts and emotions and lessons for life. We envy others, imitate others, judge others assuming their lives to be perfect and beautiful but what we forget is that every soul has a dark side to it. We suffer in our own ways and juggle with our own thoughts. Year 2016 has been an eventful year though! Exhausting and exciting in its own ways! The beginning of the year was very beautiful for reasons that are very special to me, the spring set its charm in all directions, and life was so blissful and colorful! It undoubtedly was a year of hard work and success but everything comes at a price! “No lunches are free” they say, so every uprising in your life has a series of failures and past mistakes that gives a push to your dreams!

At the end of each year, I make a SWOT analysis of the year, 2016 is no exception to it, personally it was very draining, daunting and demanding but professionally it was a year of triumph, affluence and fortunes. The tears and swot that you put into something gives birth to something beautiful and everlasting. Undoubtedly, there is no alternate to hard work, and one day you realize that all your small sacrifices wheel your way to the greatest achievements and accomplishments. Patience is what keeps you grounded and moving at the same time! What a beautiful thought! Unfortunately, there are some lessons in our life that are learnt only through hard ways, there are some people who come in the disguise of friends and families but are no less than monsters that devastate you mentally. I find it hard to reason out that why do sweet innocent people get treated as human repellants? Why do people who sacrifice always suffer the most? Why do people who make mountains to bring happiness in our lives get crushed metaphorically? How can humans be so selfish and illogical? There is a difference between being mean and being reasonable, get your definitions right!

I find it very hard to live in this world full of churlish, ungentlemanly and sullen world. The amount of death and destruction that has been caused in this year is incalculable. The malevolent memories of Aylan Kurdi washed up dead on a beach in Turkey and Omran Daqneesh sitting on an orange chair inside an ambulance covered in blood was enough to rip every human apart. The destruction caused in Kashmir and the number of people blinded and killed set new records in history. This has been a year of death, destruction, annihilation, eradication and doom. I wish a day comes when humans are born with a micro chip of humanity installed in them. I wish a day comes when we feel empathetic about the sufferings of others and understand the difference between a human being and being human!

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